How to Roast Butternut Squash – Yummy Toddler Food

cubes of roasted butternut squash on baking pan.

[ad_1] Turning winter squash into a fun and delicious side dish is so easy—and learning how to roast butternut squash means you can turn it into fun shapes, serve it as “fries,” and even add flavors like brown sugar or rosemary. And each is ready in less than 20 minutes! How to Roast Butternut Squash […]

Ultimate Guide to Protein for Kids

chocolate banana protein milk in yellow cup.

[ad_1] To help reduce confusion about protein for kids and to offer the easiest, yummiest sources of protein for babies, toddlers, and big kids, I put together this guide for you. With tips, food sources, vegetarian protein, recipes, and more, this will make feeding your kids so much easier. Protein for Kids So many of […]

French Toast Casserole with Apples

French toast casserole in various bowls with yogurt.

[ad_1] With just five ingredients and a hands-off baking method, this French Toast Casserole with apples is special enough for holidays and easy enough for weekdays. I love to make this with apples (any type!) and use up leftover bread as needed, too. So yum! French Toast Casserole with Apples For a long while now, I’ve been […]

Orzotto with Peas – Yummy Toddler Food

Orzotto with peas on plates and in pan.

[ad_1] With the creamy texture of risotto but a much faster cook time and an easier method, this Orzotto with peas is a favorite quick family dinner. Orzotto “Orzotto” is a risotto-like dish made with orzo instead of rice. It cooks more quickly, yet has similar texture and creamy flavor as rice-based risotto. We love […]

Toast for Baby: Tips and Toppings

Toast for baby on two plates.

[ad_1] Learn how to make the yummiest toast for baby (and toddlers) with these easy ideas for nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-eat toast toppings. Toast for Baby Strips of toast with a soft, nourishing topping is one of the easiest baby meals—especially for those doing the baby-led weaning style of feeding. It is an easy baby […]

5 Best Portable Highchairs (for All Budgets)

portable highchairs in grid of six options.

[ad_1] Find the best portable highchairs and travel highchairs to use on trips, vacations, at restaurants, and at home when needed to make it easier to feed babies and toddlers. Portable Highchair Feeding babies and toddlers while on the go can be a challenge, and portable highchairs are one of the ways that we can […]

Season 12 Podcast: Parenting Through Challenges

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’

[ad_1] In the twelfth season of the podcast, our cohosts, Mackenzie Johnson and Courtney Hammond explore research and reality around parenting through challenges. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode. S12: Ep. 1 – Raising Resilience ( life is hard, how can our family […]

Repairing & Rebuilding Relationships with Children

Repairing & Rebuilding Relationships with Children

[ad_1] Even with our best efforts, we will still sometimes do something that was hurtful to our child. In this season’s finale, our hosts share personal experiences and discuss research on the components of an apology and discuss a specific strategy for repairing parent-child relationships! Mackenzie DeJong Aunt of four unique kiddos. Passionate about figuring […]

Simple Sauteed Apples with Cinnamon


[ad_1] Made with just three ingredients, these simple Sauteed Apples pair perfectly with oatmeal, pancakes, and yogurt, as well as savory mains like pork and chicken. We also love to make them ahead for snacking on their own! Sauteed Apples Whenever we have apples lingering in our fridge, I turn them into these delicious sauteed […]

Custody, Kinship Care, and Co-Parenting

Custody, Kinship Care, and Co-Parenting

[ad_1] When we share the responsibilities of caring for children with other adults, it comes with opportunities and challenges. Listen in for strategies for resolving conflicts and working together to create a nurturing environment for the kids! Mackenzie DeJong Aunt of four unique kiddos. Passionate about figuring how small brains develop, process, and differ. Human […]

Healthy Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli

Healthy Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli

[ad_1] Serve up healthy comfort food with this easy recipe for healthy Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli. It’s quick and so yummy and a favorite family side dish to share. Healthy Mashed Potatoes I love when I find a method of cooking that simplifies dinnertime, and this one fits the bill—you get to combine two sides […]

12 Easy Bedtime Snacks for Kids (Plus Sleep Routine Tips!)

bedtime snack options on counter.

[ad_1] Bedtime snacks can be part of a healthy toddler bedtime routine that helps the kids wind down, fill their bellies, and be ready for a good night of sleep. Here’s how to choose one, how to know if your child needs one, and more tips on healthy toddler sleep. Bedtime Snacks Incorporating a bedtime […]

Easy Meatball Soup – Yummy Toddler Food

Meatball soup in various bowls and pot.

[ad_1] With Italian flavors, an easy method, and a short cooking time, this Meatball Soup with veggies and pasta is a favorite easy family dinner. Plus: Leftovers reheat so well! This recipe is sponsored by Colavita Meatball Soup We have soup weekly in the cooler months (or really, whenever the craving hits) and this Meatball […]

Pumpkin Paint and Wash Station – Busy Toddler

Three kids paint and wash pumpkins. There are 4 pumpkins, paint, and water in the photo.

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/16/2023    Updated: 09/16/2023 Need a fall activity kids will do on repeat? Try creating a pumpkin paint and wash station. It’s the best outdoor fall activity that kids will keep coming back too all season long, and year after year. What is a pumpkin paint and wash station? What it is […]

Fall Leaf Cutting Bin – Busy Toddler

A child holds green scissors and cuts a fallen fall leaf. There is a bin of colorful fall leaves in the background.

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/16/2023    Updated: 09/16/2023 Explore the changing fall leaves with this fall leaf cutting bin. Gather leaves on a nature walk and use them to practice cutting skills. This easy fall activity promotes fine motor skills, cutting skills, and science exploration. What is a fall leaf cutting bin? It’s an easy activity: […]

Parenting Amid Threats to Safety

Parenting Amid Threats to Safety

[ad_1] Ideally, every family and child would have a safe and consistent home environment. When that’s not the case, parents are often forced to make hard decisions for the wellbeing of their children. Listen to today’s episode where we discuss approaches for protecting kids and a framework that provides hope! Mackenzie DeJong Aunt of four […]

Halloween Crafts for Kids – Busy Toddler

20+ Halloween Crafts for Kids: image is 8 Halloween crafts to try

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/12/2023    Updated: 09/12/2023 Looking for the best Halloween crafts for kids? Check out this list of arts and crafts for the Halloween season. Try these ghost, spider web, monster, witch, bat, and pumpkin themed crafts for this spook-tacular season. Why do Halloween crafts with kids? Halloween just screams crafting. At least […]

Fall Crafts for Kids – Busy Toddler

30+ Fun Fall Crafts for Kids - image shows 8 crafts for kids

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/09/2023    Updated: 09/09/2023 Welcome to Autumn and a gorgeous shift in season. If you’re feeling a little crafty, try one (or a few) of these fall crafts for kids. This list of exceptional fall projects for kids is full of variety: doable, multi-age, and mostly using items you probably already own. […]

Fall Sensory Soup: An Outdoor Activity – Busy Toddler

Fall Sensory Soup: An Outdoor Activity - Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/08/2023    Updated: 09/08/2023 This isn’t the warm and cozy kind of fall soup recipe: this is fall soup as in the incredibly fun sensory activity for kids. With just some fall treasures from nature, this simple water-based sensory bin becomes something magical. It may not look like much to adults, but […]

Fall Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler

Three kid hands reach in a sensory bin made from popcorn kernels and fake fall decorations.

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/07/2023    Updated: 09/07/2023 Welcome to Autumn and this gorgeous fall sensory bin. With just a few easy to find supplies, this beautiful kids activity is actually really easy to put together. Fall is the perfect season to stay inside with a sensory bin, and this one is the best yet. What […]

Rainbow Rice Construction Site – Busy Toddler

Two children sit on the floor behind a rainbow rice sensory bin. The children are playing with small construction trucks.

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 09/07/2023    Updated: 09/07/2023 Looking for a fun way to use rainbow rice with kids? Try making this rainbow rice construction site – it’s a fantastic sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers. This quick and easy activity is as beautiful as it is engaging. What is a rainbow rice construction site? Rainbow […]

Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes

Blended overnight oats in two containers with lids and spoon.

[ad_1] Nutritious, fluffy, and so easy to make, these Buckwheat Pancakes are a favorite breakfast to share with the kids. They are a gluten-free, loaded with protein and fiber, and just so delicious. Buckwheat Pancakes I love having easy options for weekend breakfasts—especially recipes that work for family and friends with gluten intolerances. These pancakes […]

25+ Fall Activities for Kids – Busy Toddler

The 25+ Best Fall Activities for Kids: Image shows 8 activities for kids to try in fall (put together by Busy Toddler)

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 08/30/2023    Updated: 08/30/2023 Looking for some fall activities for kids? Check out this list of 25+ easy, fun fall-themed ideas that work well for all kid-ages. Remember: fall doesn’t have to mean expensive bucket lists and Pinterest plans. Simple activities at home make fall come to life. What are the best […]

Fluffy Applesauce Pancakes (to Share with the Kids)

Applesauce pancakes on plate with syrup and apples.

[ad_1] These fluffy Applesauce Pancakes are easy to mix up, taste sweet and comforting, and the leftovers store nicely in the fridge or freezer. Oh: They are really yummy topped with maple syrup—or served plain! Applesauce Pancakes Every weekend, we have pancakes or waffles. We have a little more time to cook and it’s a […]

Top Ten Lunch Containers

open lunch containers on counter.

[ad_1] Find the best trusted lunch containers for kids and adults to make sorting through the options much easier. These picks for lunch boxes, thermoses, dip containers, water bottles, and insulated bags are durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Lunch Containers I know firsthand that shopping for lunch boxes, thermoses, snack containers, insulated lunch bags, […]

No more nagging: Here’s how to get kids cleaning

No more nagging: Here's how to get kids cleaning

[ad_1] It’s frustrating when kids make messes but you’re left to clean them up. Nagging about kids cleaning and yelling until it’s over isn’t a fun way to finish a day of play. Read this post to learn more about how clean-up looks from a kid perspective, why cleaning up can be a struggle, and […]

Making ‘Cents’ of Allowance

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’

[ad_1] Mackenzie and Suzanne make ‘cents’ of some of the most-asked allowance questions in this bonus episode. Mackenzie DeJong Aunt of four unique kiddos. Passionate about figuring how small brains develop, process, and differ. Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life in western Iowa with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences and Design minor. More […]

How to Dye Rice – Busy Toddler

A cookie sheet full of drying rainbow rice sits on a counter. The rice is dyed yellow, blue, green, purple and pink. The text reads "How to Dye Rice for a taste-safe sensory bin."

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 08/19/2023    Updated: 08/19/2023 Making a rainbow rice sensory bin is one of the easiest and most satisfying DIY projects. In this post, you’ll learn how to dye rice (in a taste safe way) and find sensory bin activities that can be done once the rice dries. Grab your rice, food coloring, […]

20+ Fine Motor Activities – Busy Toddler

20+ Fine Motor Activities - Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 08/17/2023    Updated: 08/17/2023 Fine motor skills develop throughout childhood, but how do you support those growing muscles? Try this list of 25+ fine motor activities designed to help kids build their strength and dexterity. These easy activities make growing fine motor skills fun for everyone. What are fine motor skills? Fine […]

Favorite Blueberry Banana Bread (Lower Sugar))


[ad_1] I may be prone to hyperbole, but this Blueberry Banana Bread is ridiculously delicious. Imagine the very best banana bread crossed with the ultimate blueberry muffin. Epic! Blueberry Banana Bread There are few things I love more than a slice of banana bread—and when you add in blueberries, well, it’s the best! This recipe […]

Painted Box Cake Activity – Busy Toddler

Three kids are outside painting a cardboard box wedding cake. One child is laughing, one is reaching up, and one is putting more paint on their brush.

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 07/23/2023    Updated: 07/23/2023 An outside-the-box painting activity that uses literal boxes – and it’s a 10/10. If you’re looking for an interesting art project for kids, try this painted box cake activity. It’s the perfect outdoor activity for kids to try alone or in a group. What is a painted box […]

Construction Site Small World – Busy Toddler

A child in a blue shirt moves construction trucks around a sensory bin full of dirt and yard trimmings.

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 07/23/2023    Updated: 07/23/2023 Skip the sand this summer and switch to a dirt box: it’ll change everything. This construction site small world is an amazing example of why dirt in your sand table is the way to go. Check out this easy outdoor activity that only needs dirt and trucks What […]

Chalk Paint Outdoor Art – Busy Toddler

Overhead photo of a child

[ad_1] Author: Susie    Published: 07/14/2023    Updated: 07/14/2023 This simple idea for making chalk paint only needs two ingredients and a grater. It’s process art meets a motor skills workout and a science lesson – and it’s absolutely perfect. What is chalk paint? Chalk paint (in this instance) is created by combining chalk dust with water. […]

Homemade Hummus (Without Tahini) In 5 Minutes

hummus without tahini on plate with dippers.

[ad_1] With just 5 minutes and basic pantry ingredients, you can make the yummiest Homemade Hummus without tahini. This means that it’s nut-free, so it’s an option for school and allergy families, and it’s just perfect for dunking crackers or spreading on bread. Hummus without Tahini Making hummus at home can seem daunting, but it’s […]