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Welcome to Autumn and a gorgeous shift in season. If you’re feeling a little crafty, try one (or a few) of these fall crafts for kids. This list of exceptional fall projects for kids is full of variety: doable, multi-age, and mostly using items you probably already own. It’s a really good list.

Why make fall crafts with kids?

This fall crafts for kids list is for those of you who love an art moment and want to share that joy with your kids.

If you are someone who searches Pinterest for DIY ideas or wanders Michaels with a look of awe on your face, you’ve come to the right blog post. These fall crafts are actually doable with kids and will make for some fabulous fall memories.

If you are someone who is NOT into crafts and your heart is not filled with joy by a DIY moment, maybe try my fall activities list – it’s a completely different take on fall with kids.

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What’s the difference between a craft and an activity?

There is a huge difference between crafts and activities – so let’s peel this apart together.

Crafts have a final product. At the end of this project, something has been created. Crafts are art based though they may have elements of other domains, like math and science.

But back to the biggest distinction: crafts create something.

Activities do not have a final goal. They’re a play or learning tool for kids to use and do with. They may have an art element but are largely based in sensory, math, science, motor development and literacy (to name a few).

Crafts create. Activities for play. There’s your ending line.

What are the best fall crafts for kids?

This list of 30+ fall crafts for kids is filled with a variety of ideas from traditional painting projects to creating fall garlands with kids.

I’ve included a photo of each craft and a brief description to help you decide if this may work for you, your child, and their developmental level.

There’s lots on this list for every age from toddlers to big kids.

The list – 30+ best fall craft ideas

A child paints a fall tree with a cotton swab.

Fall Art Project

Use a cotton swab to make a pointillism inspired fall art project. Make these into greeting cards for relatives.

Tape resist leaves on a red activity tray

Tape Resist Leaves

These tape resist leaves are easy to make and turn out great! It’s like magic when you pull the tape off and reveal the white underneath.

Fall Leaf Salt Painting - hands hold a white paper with salt leaf art

Fall Leaf Salt Painting

Using a common household staple, kids can create these beautiful leaves. While making these kids are practicing tracing, using glue, pouring, and tons of other fine motor skills.

Leaf Painting - painting leaves with acrylic paint

Leaf Painting

Cotton swabs are another one of those underrated supplies that end up being an amazing tool for kids. Here, kids are practicing their fine motor skills as well as creating patterns on an unusual canvas.

Sponge Painted Leaf Resist - leaf outlines on black paper

Sponge Painted Leaf Resist

Using some leaves gathered from outside, kids can make this fun fall themed sponge painting. The black background left by the leaves really pops.

Autumn Leaf Mosaic on orange paper

Autumn Leaf Mosaic

Mosaics are so fun to make since every single one will be different. By using leaves from a trip outside and ripping (or to practice using scissors, cutting) them up kids can make a beautiful leaf collage.

Autumn mobiles from sticks and leaves

Autumn Mobile

These would be so fun to make after an outside exploration. Most of the supplies you can find outside so its a quick setup and kids can bring back treasures from their walk.

A face made from fall nature items like leaves and sticks

Leaf Faces

The possibilities are endless here. Go on a nature walk ahead of time to collect materials and then spend the afternoon making silly faces.

Dot art from puff paint on green leaves

Puffy Paint Leaves

These are so fun to make and the bright colors really stand out against the green. The puff paint makes a really cool 3d effect.

A fall sensory snow globe

Fall Snow Globe

This is stunning! Sensory jars are great for many reasons and this take on a fall version is equal parts relaxing and beautiful.

Apple garland made from yarn

Apple Garland

What is fall without apples? This is super easy to make and is a great décor piece or even used as a gift for the beginning of school.

Two hands finger paint apples on a tree

Fingerprint Apple Trees

Finger painting is a great way to get kids who maybe aren’t too into art to do a project. The gooeyness of it draws kids in and use their body as a paintbrush. It’s too fun.

Apple art is made in a collage form

Apple Feelings

Not only are these adorable, hilarious, and easy to make, they’re a great way to practice emotional intelligence. A 2 for 1 fall activity.

SIMPLE FALL TREE: Create an easy toddler fall art project using cotton rounds; quick art activity for toddlers; fall art project; indoor toddler activity

Fall Tree with Cotton Rounds

Cotton rounds are a underappreciated craft supply. Grab these makeup removers and use them to make fall leaves.

Coffee Filter Apples

Have your little one cut out some simple shapes and create these fun little apples. When you hang them on the window the light coming through is really beautiful.

Tissue paper plate apple craft

Tissue Paper Plate Apples

Apples are a fall staple and these tissue paper apples are a fun way to create a beautiful project to hang up.

A yellow and brown owl made from cotton rounds

Cotton Pad Owls

Another great use of cotton rounds. You can limit the colors you give your kids or let them pick 3 of their own and send them off to create these cute little owls.

Owls made from felt and pinecones

Cotton Pad Owls

I mean…could these be cuter?!?! There is prep involved which means you need to plan ahead but these are worth it. Look at those cute eyes and little wings.

Handprint owls sit on a branch

Owl Handprint Trees

How cute would it be to have everyone in the family make a little handprint owl and then put in a “tree” all together? This craft doesn’t take long but could easily extended by adding some more details on the owls or in the tree.

Pumpkin art made with clay.

Pumpkin Dots

Pumpkins are all around during fall and here is a fun way to make one with things around the house. Kids could make patterns or just let them have a free for all and see what they come up with.

A small bird feeder made from a small pumpkin

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Love this use of pumpkins in a non traditional way and a bonus is that you are helping the birds when food may be a little less abundant.

A 3D paper pumpkin

3D Pumpkin

By using strips of paper and kid created patterns, you can get these cool 3D pumpkins and display them all fall.

A child's handprint and a note that reads "from little acorns mighty oaks grow."

Acorn Handprint

Who doesn’t love a handprint craft? Here is an cute one you could make for fall that would make a precious Autumn card for a grandparent.

A painting of a squirrel by a child.

Acorn Painted Squirrel

Kids love rolling things around in paint and this project is no different. Rolling acorns to create a squirrel is fun on all sorts of levels.

Paper bags full of leaves with construction paper faces on them.

Paper Bag Acorns

Have the leaves started falling at your house yet? Have the kids collect some to create these silly little acorns. Kids will then add some simple shapes to create funny faces/expressions.

A child's drawing of a sunflower is painted next to a sunflower.

Sunflower Still Life

These little sunflowers are a total win. Kids need to really explore and put on their scientist glasses to get to know the sunflower, then paint away.

Coffee filter and fall tree hang on window.

Coffee Filter Trees

Coffee filters for the win. Super easy craft that really pops on your windows. The added black tree makes it kind of spooky so these can go from fall to Halloween with ease.

Mosaic fall pattern made with colored popcorn kernels.

Corn Mosaics

These are a bit more involved than I would usually do but they are just too cool to pass up. Kids create these fun mosaics with dyed corn (it’s a magical, fall sensory tool).

Clothes pin scarecrows standing on marble table.

Clothespin Scarecrows

Simple and easy to cut shapes make this little guy a breeze to make. The clothespins add stability to it so your little one can move it all around and use it in their imaginative play.

Stamp art print for fall with cardboard, glue and pine cones.

Fall Nature Stamps

When you’re outside gathering leaves, pick up a few other things and create this fun stamps. By using recycled cardboard and other natural materials, kids create a one of a kind painting experience.

Autumn windsock made from toilet paper tube and streamers.

Fall Windsocks

A different type of craft, but a great one. Have your kids make a few of these and hang them outside or even around the house. Consider using a hair dryer to “blow” air on them to see them “fly”.

Hedgehog craft with looped paper

Hedgehog Craft

Practice fine motor skills by folding these strips of paper to make this adorable hedgehog. You could make as it or use “fallish” colors if you wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fall crafts a requirement?

Nope. These are something bonus to do with kids if it sparks joy for you. You’re the deciding factor here. If you want to offer crafts, offer them. If not, no worries. There’s lots I don’t offer my kids (like play dough).

What age is best for fall crafts?

It totally depends on the craft and the child. Also depends on you and your level of craftiness. Start small, start simple, and when in doubt: make a craft smaller for a smaller child.

Why do fall crafts and activities?

One of the reasons I personally like a fall craft or activity is to give kids exposure and experiences with the autumn season. In our home, with our books and with our supplies, I can teach my kids so much about fall. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Activities and crafts at home can build fall traditions as much as a costly pumpkin patch that goes into nap time.

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