Monthly Archives: September 2020

All About Sleep

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’

New parents know the importance of schedules for their newborn. In fact, the literature supports parents helping their children develop patterns of sleep, feeding, and awake times in order to thrive as newborns. However, we know that not all children are born with the same temperament. In fact, in the same family, children may have […]

How to Navigate Making COVID-19 Decisions

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’

I don’t know about you folks, but I have been exhausted lately. Getting ready to go back to school, navigating new expectations and norms, and living in a pandemic all adds up. On top of all of that, as parents, we are constantly making decisions for our families. “What should we eat this week?” “When […]

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