Easiest Homemade Uncrustables (and How to Freeze Them!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Learn how to make a batch of healthy, homemade Uncrustables to stash into the freezer for fast kids lunch ideas. I love this method so much because you can decide exactly what to put inside, they’re crazy fast, AND they freeze beautifully. (Plus, you can adjust for […]

Easy Oatmeal Bars with Blueberry and Carrot (to Share with the Kids)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later With nutritious yet accessible ingredients, these easy Oatmeal Bars are a yummy snack or breakfast to share with the kids. They have carrots and blueberries, plus whole grains and protein. They’re so yummy…and are made without eggs or dairy for our allergy-free friends! Oatmeal Bars These healthy […]

How to Freeze Tomatoes (No Blanching, Cuts Cooking Time Too!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Learn this easy method for how to freeze tomatoes to ensure that a surplus never goes to waste—and find easy ways to use them up whenever you have time down the road. Plus, no blanching! How to Freeze Tomatoes Over the years of being married to a […]

Instant Homemade Frozen Yogurt (Just 2 Simple Ingredients!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later It’s so easy to combine yogurt and frozen fruit into a ridiculously delicious homemade frozen yogurt to have for snack or dessert. It’s thick, creamy, and hits the spot on warm days—or days when you want an easy treat to share! And the best part? It’s ready […]

5-Minute After School Snack Ideas (Preschool through Elementary!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Whether you have little kids in daycare or preschool, or older ones in elementary and middle school, these easy after school snacks will help you keep them satisfied until dinner—no matter what the afternoon holds! After School Snacks If your house is anything like mine, you have […]

Easy Zucchini Cookies with Chocolate Chips

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Pack your next batch of cookies with veggies and yummy flavor with these easy Zucchini Cookies. They are low in added sugars and are allergy-friendly. They might just be your new favorite way to use up too much zucchini! Zucchini Cookies I love adding produce to recipes […]

Easy Peach Muffins (For Fresh or Frozen Peaches)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Peaches are so delicious in baked goods—and these muffins are absolutely delicious. They’re made with a base of rolled oats, bananas, and peaches for a healthy Peach Muffin that’s wholesome and kid-friendly. Bonus: They store well in the fridge for days! Peach Muffins I’m a huge fan […]

Kids Food Favorites: 50 Healthy Homemade Recipes

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later From chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, to cheese crackers, chicken tenders, and fish sticks, I rounded up the best homemade kids food to help you DIY some of their favorites! These recipes are all kid-tested for flavor and vetted for straight-forward recipe methods. Kids Food The […]

Favorite Homemade Fruit Slushies (2 Ingredients, 2 Minutes!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Cool off with a refreshing Homemade Fruit Slushie that you can make with just 2 ingredients in a matter of minutes. They’re a great way to stay hydrated and to serve up nutrients in a delicious form! Fruit Slushie I am always looking for ways to help […]

Outdoor Dot Sticker Line-Up (so fun!) – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Stickers outside? OH YES! Welcome to the Outdoor Sticker Line-Up My love of dot stickers has been long, storied, and well-documented. I love dot stickers something FIERCE. So why wouldn’t we head to the yard with them for an Outdoor Sticker Line-up?! I’m telling you: it was bound to happen. I can’t believe we […]

50 Favorite Lunch Snacks (Easy Ideas for Kids and Parents)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Round out any lunch—whether yours or the kids—with one of our top picks for lunch snacks. These ideas require minimal effort, can be added to a lunch at home or packed for on the go, and are a perfect way to add an extra dose of nutrition […]

Chocolate Covered Banana Pops (to Share with the Kids)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Serve up a healthy dessert of easy Chocolate Covered Banana Pops…made with an extra special dose of avocado for the best texture ever. They are nutritious, fun, and so darn yummy! Banana Pops I grew up eating frozen chocolate-covered bananas and I’ve been having so much fun […]

Wraps for Kids: 10 Easy Ideas for Lunch or Dinner

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Try these easy wraps for kids as an easy lunch or meal when you want to change up the usual sandwich options. They’re quick, full of nutrition, and have lots of kid-friendly flavor. Plus: you can customize them as needed for food allergies for the chewing ability […]

Rescue the Pups: Fine Motor Activity for Kids – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Rescue the Pups: a fun fine motor activity for kids It doesn’t get much easier than this fine motor activity – let’s rescue the pups with just a few simple supplies. (Don’t you love when you have all the supplies for an activity you see online? It’s like having all the ingredients for a […]

Banana Zucchini Muffins with Blueberries (Whole Grain, Make-Ahead)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Combine three types of produce in a batch of Banana Zucchini Muffins with Blueberries. It’s the best of all the baked goods in one convenient (and nutritious) package! P.S. They store well for days, so they’re a great make-ahead option. Banana Zucchini Muffins with Blueberries When my […]

DIY Pizza Lunchables (Less $$ than Store-bought)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Have more fun with lunch with this super quick and easy Pizza Lunchable idea. It’s one of our favorite copycat recipes that makes it less expensive to recreate Lunchables at home…that you can even customize! Pizza Lunchables Whenever my kids go to the grocery store with me, […]

Ready to stop repeating yourself? Try these 5 tricks – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Inside: 5 tips for kids not listening – these easy action items really help. Stuck in a “repeating yourself” rut? You need these tips. I’m standing at the front door ready to go and hollering for my kids to come meet me. No one seems to be moving. No one seems to be doing […]

How to Meal Prep for Lunch (Tips + Recipes)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later If you find yourself eating the kids leftovers for lunch, never stopping to eat a real meal, or making the same foods everyday—and being frustrated by that—these super doable tips for how to meal prep lunch are here to help! Image via Workweek Lunch Lunch Meal Prep […]

15 Kiddie Pool Activities for Summer – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] It’s so much more than swimming in these kiddie pool activities… Favorite game I like to play each summer: How many times can we NOT fill our kiddie pool with water? Because there’s a million things you can do in a kiddie pool (no water needed…) RELATED: Looking for fun outdoor toys?! I’ve got […]

Easy Tomato Sauce (from Fresh Tomatoes) in the Slow Cooker

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Make the most of the flavor of summer produce with a batch of slow cooker Tomato Sauce from fresh tomatoes. This method is super easy, relies on the slow cooker so you can avoid heating up your oven, and delivers on the classic Italian flavor your family […]

Oil and Water Science Experiment for Kids – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Best.activity.ever. You’ve got to try this oil and water science experiment. It’s an experiment…it’s a fine motor activity… it’s kind of an art activity too? What is this?! It’s an oil and water science experiment and it’s AWESOME. There is some serious magic at work in this activity. RELATED: Looking for more easy indoor […]

Giant Water Bead Sensory Bin for Kids – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Let’s go big or go home: GIANT WATER BEAD SENSORY BIN. Summer is the time for larger than life activities. I don’t make the activities rules, friends, I just live by them. Why just do water beads when you can do a GIANT WATER BEADS SENSORY BIN? Now this is the stuff summer time […]

Best Sippy Cups for Toddlers and Babies (Updated 2021)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Find the best sippy cups for babies and toddlers to ensure you buy one that works, lasts, and is easy to clean. Here’ll you’ll find reviews and recommendations on the best transition cups, sippy cups, stainless cups, straw cups, no-spill cups, and more. Sippy Cups for Toddlers […]

Easy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt (No Ice Cream Maker!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later This Strawberry Frozen Yogurt is super easy to make, filled with nutritious ingredients, and is so darn creamy! (Bonus: You don’t even need an ice cream maker to make it!) Strawberry Frozen Yogurt It’s really amazing how good homemade frozen yogurt can be—and all you have to […]

Favorite Rainbow Cake (A fun kids birthday cake!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Learn how to make a fun Rainbow Cake that actually looks like a rainbow with this doable method anyone can do—even novice bakers! This method is a super fun way to make a kids birthday cake to delight the kids…especially the rainbow-lovers. Rainbow Cake My middle kiddo […]

3-Ingredient Cereal Bars (for Snack or Breakfast)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later In just a few minutes, you can make seriously delicious Cereal Bars made with just three super simple ingredients. They’re crispy, flavorful, and a perfect snack for kids. Cereal Bars I recently had a box of cereal that my kids completely lost interest in and in an […]

Delish 10-Minute Flatbread Pizza (Just 3 Ingredients!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later This is the easiest way I know how to make homemade pizza that actually tastes like scratch-made and it’s lightning fast. Flatbread Pizza is perfect for an easy dinner or lunch and it’s a great recipe to have in your back pocket since it only needs 3 […]