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15 KIDDIE POOL ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: The funnest list of kiddie pool activities to try in the summer. A random list of great ideas to do inside your kiddie / baby pool. From Busy Toddler

It’s so much more than swimming in these kiddie pool activities…

Favorite game I like to play each summer: How many times can we NOT fill our kiddie pool with water? Because there’s a million things you can do in a kiddie pool (no water needed…)

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Let’s get some kiddie pool activities rolling this summer!

It’s kiddie pool season and those plastic bins are the absolute best for summertime kids activities.

For under $10, you’ve got a full body sensory bin – an easy to clean container – the perfect spot to set up (and hose out) outdoor activities.


I do more activities in my pool than swimming…

Throughout the summer, my kiddie pool will act as a sand box, dirt box, sensory bin, holding pen, and even a baby play area.

Kiddie pools serve more functions than you can imagine… but don’t limit them to the summer!

At the bottom of my list, I added a few of my favorite INDOOR kiddie pool activities because these pools are still amazing even in the winter.

The 5 reasons I love a kiddie pool:

  1. They’re big (kids can get in on the action)
  2. They hold lots of play (go big or go home!)
  3. They’re easy to clean out (grab the hose!)
  4. They’re versatile (this isn’t going to break!)
  5. The sides are high (this keeps messes and kids contained).

Enjoy these 15 kiddie pool activities!!! I’ll keep adding more as I come up with them or see them on other blogs.

  1. Muddy Trucks Sensory Play – Busy Toddler

2. Secret Magic Dry Ice Science – Toddler Approved

3. Cereal Pool Baby Sensory – Busy Toddler

4. Summer STEM Activities: Blocks in A Kiddie Pool – Fun Learning for Kids

5. Jello Pool Party – Busy Toddler

6. Giant Bubbles – I Can Teach My Child

7. Giant Water Bead Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler

8. Outdoor Alphabet Match – I Can Teach My Child

  1. Cornmeal Pool Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler

2. Paint in a Baby Pool – Toddler Approved

3. Shredded Paper Pool – Busy Toddler

4. Alphabet Scooping Game – Busy Toddler

5. Bean Pool – Busy Toddler

6. Rice Pool – Busy Toddler

7. Pom Pom Pool – Busy Toddler

Have the best summer (and winter too!) with your kiddie pool! Don’t over look them – they’re a little bit of summer magic.


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