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Stickers outside? OH YES! Welcome to the Outdoor Sticker Line-Up

My love of dot stickers has been long, storied, and well-documented. I love dot stickers something FIERCE. So why wouldn’t we head to the yard with them for an Outdoor Sticker Line-up?!

I’m telling you: it was bound to happen. I can’t believe we waited this long.

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Dot stickers and a kids activity

Why did I take dot stickers outside?

Welp, I have a policy with activities. We do activities when we need help, to start play, to get things going, or if one kid needs a little extra.

That’s what happened here. A nice sunny day but play was lost, bodies weren’t moving outside, and someone was struggling to find their groove.

Activities to the rescue!

A child playing with dot stickers in a fine motor activity line up

Since it was so beautiful out and I wanted to highlight the loveliness of the day in an effort to inspire her, I set this up for my daughter (5) on the side of our house hoping it would end with her heading off to play outside.

Spoiler alert: It did.

A quick and easy set up for outdoor sticker line-up

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A child playing with dot stickers in a fine motor activity line up

I grabbed a piece of cardboard for this activity because (let’s be honest) I have a lot of it lying around the house.

On it, I wrote my daughter’s name and a rainbow (why not?) using the colors of the dot stickers I have. I used paint sticks to make my lines, but dot markers and regular markers work just as great.

Then I taped up the cardboard, peeled the middle white part of the stickers out, and set my daughter up to work.

A child playing with dot stickers in a fine motor activity line up

Why is this activity so good for kids?

This activity is rooted in a lot of learning:

  • Sorting
  • Color discrimination
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills

This little activity is MIGHT. Little but mighty – that’s how most dot sticker activities are.

They look so simple from the outside but they’re so rich with learning when you get down deep.

A child playing with dot stickers in a fine motor activity line up

What’s the best age for this?

Remember – focus on STAGES not AGES that a child is at.

My daughter LOVES meticulous work. She loves line-ups and matching and this activity has been a great fit for her since she was 25 months old. She’s 5 now and still loving this style of activity.

So don’t focus on the age of your child, focus on their stage.

Stages not ages.

A child playing with dot stickers in a fine motor activity line up

Take the dot stickers outside – it’s a surprising summer hit!

Nothing more fun than taking a normally-indoor activity and spicing it up with a trip outside.

Plus, it pulled my daughter out of the house, got her back into Nature, and jump started her outdoor play for the day. Now that’s the kind of win I’m after.

OUTDOOR STICKER LINE-UP: A fun and easy outdoor activity for kids using dot stickers. Kids will love this simple fine motor activity from Busy Toddler


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