How to Serve Grapes to Kids (to Reduce Choking Risks)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Learn how to serve grapes for babies and toddlers to avoid common choking risks—and offer up a delicious fruit with vitamins and hydration. Grapes for Babies Grapes are sweet, full of hydration, and are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They’re also a top […]

When can babies have milk? (Plus: Tips to Transition)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later If you’re wondering when baby can have milk—and which type is best when it’s time, and how to transition from formula or breastmilk—this post has the answers for you. Lalo silicone sippy cups When can a baby have milk? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that we […]

Favorite Lemon Blueberry Muffins (Healthy, Easy, and so Flavorful!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Bake a batch of these healthy Lemon Blueberry Muffins for a family breakfast that’s bursting with flavor. They’re less sweet, are packed with berries, and are simple to stir together! Lemon Blueberry Muffins It’s no secret that I make a lot of muffins. As a busy mom […]

Adult Easter Egg Hunt: This Is How to Do It Right – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Inside: Looking for an outside the norm Adult Easter Egg Hunt tradition? This is truly one of a kind, and has some serious winners and losers. Forget what you think you know about Easter egg hunts. Frankly, you’ve been doing them wrong. This is the Easter Egg hunt you need to be doing. I’ll […]

Best Healthy Oatmeal Cookies with Apple and Carrot

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later With natural sweetness from apple, carrots, and raisins, these Healthy Oatmeal Cookies are a yummy treat that you’ll love to share with the kids. And they’re a one-bowl dessert that’s a super fun way to serve up produce too! Healthy Oatmeal Cookies These cookies have a batter […]

35 Best Tips for Camping with Kids (For More Fun and Less Fuss!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Camping with kids can be so much fun and so filled with challenges. To help you enjoy the great outdoors with more fun and less fuss, these tips will totally help—whether you’re car camping, tent camping, or heading into the backcountry like a brave soul! Camping with […]

How much milk should a one year old drink?

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later After baby turns one, they can start drinking milk. But how much is the right amount—and what are the signs of too much? Here’s what you need to know! Milk for One Year Olds The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends these amounts for toddlers and milk consumption: […]

Babies and Salt: What You Need to Know

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Similar to sugar, it’s generally recommended that you try to stay away from feeding babies foods with added salt. Here’s how to do that—and stay sane—while feeding baby. Image via Shutterstock Babies and Salt It’s true that everyone, including babies and toddlers, need a small amount of […]

1 Year Old Feeding Schedule (With Sample Meal Plans)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Here’s a look at sample one year old feeding schedules to help you manage (or create!) your routine. I have options for one year olds taking bottles, being breastfed, or being on all solids—plus sample menu plans! One Year Old Feeding Schedule Once a baby turns one […]

Easy Roasted Carrot Fries (to Share with the Kids!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later This Roasted Carrots Fries recipe is a vegetable side dish you should bookmark for future family meals. Made with just three simple ingredients, it comes together in under 30 minutes—and most of that is hands off time when they’re in the oven and you can be doing […]

Alphabet Magnet Match-up – Literacy Activity: Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Ready for a fun little ABC game? Let’s play the Alphabet Magnet Match-up. Let’s get this out of the way: I didn’t ruin my cookie sheet for this activity. The marker comes off… just give me a second to explain, because Alphabet Magnet Match-up is one of our favorite activities. RELATED: Looking for more […]

Facts about the Dirty Dozen (Don’t Fear Produce!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later If you’re seeing headlines about the “dirty dozen” claiming that some produce is unsafe to eat, take a breath and read this. Facts about the “Dirty Dozen” Each year, a group called the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases lists known as the “dirty dozen” and the “clean […]

When can kids have popcorn? (Best Tips to Avoid Choking)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Popcorn is seriously delicious, but it’s also a serious choking hazards for kids. Here’s exactly what you need to know about when kids can have popcorn safely. Kids and Popcorn Whether you like to pop it in the microwave for a movie night or over a fire […]

Learning the Alphabet: Best Activities for the ABCs – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] What’s the best way for kids to learn the alphabet? PLAY. OF COURSE! As much as we might think adults need to have a big hand and push into kids learning the alphabet, that’s just not always the case: Kids learn the alphabet when they play with it. No stressing needed in the early […]

10 Activities with 1 Lakeshore Toy – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Disclosure: I am a blog ambassador for Lakeshore and am compensated for my work. I received product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions on the Fill It Up! Fine Motor Jars are 100% mine. How many activities can you make with one toy? Open-ended toys are the best toys for kids. These are […]

4-Ingredient Sausage Pasta with Broccoli: An Easy 20-Minute Dinner

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Save this SO easy Sausage Pasta, with a streamlined method and short ingredient list (there are just 4!), for busy nights—or just those nights when you want to get a delish dinner on the table fast. Italian Sausage Pasta Recipe I love keeping ground Italian sausage, either […]

Alphabet Scoop and Transfer Literacy Activity – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Ready for some literacy fun? Try the Alphabet Scoop and Transfer activity. Well this activity certainly has a little bit of everything. The Alphabet Scoop and Transfer activity is a literacy activity. It’s also a sorting activity. It’s a sensory activity. And (not done yet) it’s a life skills activity. You know what? It’s […]

Outdoor Potions: A Science Sensory Activity – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Oh em geeeee. Best summer activity: the outdoor potions station. I will never sugar coat things or blow smoke… this activity is messy and it is fantastic. I mean, really, really messy. But I also mean really, really fantastic. RELATED: Looking for more great outdoor activities? Check out this awesome list! Outdoor potions is […]

“All About Me” Art: A Self-Awareness Activity – Busy Toddler

[ad_1] Need a fun, meaningful activity for kids? Try this “All About Me” art activity! I’m so excited about this activity – it is a 10/10 and an absolute must try. The morning we spent working on our “All About Me” art was a morning WELL SPENT. RELATED: Wondering how I teach my kids? Check […]

Best Crispy Baked Fish Sticks (to Share with the Kids)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Making Fish Sticks at home delivers the crispiest, most tender results with just a few simple ingredients. They’re an affordable way to serve fish to kids and so good that the adults at the table will love them too! Fish Sticks Real talk: I fully expected my […]

Banana Spinach Pancakes: Easy, Healthy, Perfect for Kids and Babies!

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later These sweet Banana Spinach Pancakes are a favorite when you’re looking to boost nutrition in a favorite breakfast option. Or to have a little fun at the breakfast table by serving up a colorful meal! Easy Spinach Pancakes I never thought that my older daughter would be […]

Best Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers, Babies, and Big Kids

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later These Easter Basket Ideas for toddlers include fun treats and some ideas for seasonal things they might really need (and want). So get ready to help out the Easter bunny with some of the best Easter basket ideas, for toddlers, babies, and big kids! Easter Basket Ideas […]

Best Broccoli for Baby (Puree and BLW-Style)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse that is easy to prepare for babies. Learn how to make broccoli puree, BLW-style broccoli, and broccoli finger foods. Broccoli for Baby I love a veggie that’s easy to prepare and broccoli is so versatile, no matter how you start feeding your […]

Best Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins (SO Easy & Vegan Option!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Packed with carrots, whole grains, and protein, these Carrot Cake Muffins are a delicious way to start the day. They mix up in one bowl, can be made ahead, and are delicious for a snack or breakfast. Plus: You can be eating them in about 25 minutes […]

Ultimate Guide to Meal Trains (Tips and the Best Recipes)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later A meal train is one of the best ways to support families in need—or to set up a support system for yourself during a challenging phase of life. Here’s exactly what they are, how they work, which recipes work best, and our top tips for success. Meal […]

Fresh Raspberry Puree (5 Minutes to Make and Easy to Freeze)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Learn how to blend up the easiest Raspberry Puree as a Stage 1 baby food—or as a simple fruit sauce to stir into yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, or with pancakes. Raspberry Puree Loaded with fresh flavor, vitamins, and the prettiest color, raspberries are easy to turn into baby […]

Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes (Perfect for a baby or toddler birthday!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later These Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes have super yummy fruit flavor, are a great option for a first birthday or toddler birthday, and are the prettiest pale shade of pink! Strawberry Cupcakes I first made these cupcakes when my oldest daughter turned three and we shared them with a […]

Easy Chocolate Baked Donuts with Blueberries

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Combine simple ingredients to make Chocolate Baked Donuts studded with fresh blueberries. They’re a fun breakfast, snack, or dessert to share with the kids. Chocolate Baked Donuts I love using my donut pan to make kids meals more fun and this recipe combines two of my favorite […]

Setting the Stage

[ad_1] As children grow and continue to develop their own independence, parents are in a unique position to offer mentoring support. Children learn to count on their parents to provide feedback and encouragement while navigating the many rites of passage to come! The definition of mentoring highlighted by the hosts of the Science of Parenting: a […]

Night Weaning 101 (Help your baby or toddler sleep all night!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Stopping night feedings can be an important milestone for your baby or toddler—and mean better shuteye for them and you. We’ve got all the info you need to consider when night wearning, plus strategies on how to do it successfully with minimal tears. Night Weaning When your […]

10 Best Baby Carrot Recipes (and Easiest Buttered Baby Carrots!)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Cook up an easy veggie side to share with the kids with this collection of the best baby carrot recipes. They’re quick, simple, and so, so yummy…and are easy to make without a lot (or any!) chopping. And includes my go-to Buttered Baby Carrots! Baby Carrot Recipes […]

Best Probiotics for Kids (Tips & Product Picks for All Budgets)

[ad_1] Share it or save it for later Learn exactly what probiotics are, how they may help keep us healthy, and what to look for when buying probiotics for kids. Probiotics for Kids Probiotics are basically “good” bacteria that, when taken as a supplement or in foods like yogurt, may help keep kids guts and […]