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EASTER EGG PUZZLE CRAFT: Ready for some fun, easy Egg art for kids? This quick and easy Easter activity is perfect for the season! It's also great for a Humpty Dumpty unit - by Busy Toddler

I love a good combination activity and I am into the art + math duo in this Easter Egg Puzzle Craft.

This activity is an oldie but a goodie – and one my Mom taught me to do! Back when we both taught Kindergarten, we did this art project every year with our kids. Easter Egg Puzzle Craft will always remind me of my mom.

It’s such an adaptable activity – this spans a big age range which I LOVE.

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Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle

Let’s get down to why this is such a good activity

It’s a multi-step activity and I am here for it. It doesn’t look like it would eat up a lot of time but if you need a mid-morning hero to help you make it to nap time…

This is your activity.

Here’s a quick supply list for my Easter Egg Puzzle Craft

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Not a big list and the gel crayons aren’t required – that’s just the fun art supply we used for this activity!

Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle

The Step-by-Step

Step 1: Make an egg shape.

This doesn’t have to be perfect. Good enough is what we are after here.

Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle

Step 2: Add lines / designs.

You need to make some lines on the egg – these will be both the puzzle lines AND the decoration of the Easter egg.

Think of varying the shapes of the lines to help make the puzzle pieces more distinct.

Step 3: Let your child color the egg.

This is a “free color” activity. Let your child do any type of coloring or designs they want to for this activity.

There’s no right (or wrong) way to color the egg!

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Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle

Step 4: Cut out the egg AND the puzzle.

You have an option here depending on your child’s age. When I did this with Kindergarteners and first graders, I had them cut out the egg and puzzle pieces. It was a great scissor activity.

For younger kids (like my son), cut the pieces out for them. While I’m always down for a scissor activity, this one needs accuracy for the puzzle to work – there are other times for scissor practice.

Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle

Step 5: Have your child put the puzzle back together.

I always have my kids make the puzzle first BEFORE they glue it (spoiler, that’s step 6). This gives them a chance to practice and make sure they understand how the puzzle will go together – then we make it permanent with glue.

My son was so excited about this part and kept saying he was putting Humpty Dumpty back together. That level of cuteness never gets old.

Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle

Step 6: Glue down that puzzle.

It’s time!

Add a colorful piece of construction paper to make the puzzle pop.

This is a GREAT chance to practice gluing skills. It’s an easy “low key” way to practice an amazingly important skill.

This Easter Egg Puzzle Craft is such a winner

It’s been a winner in my life for two decades and hundreds of kids – I’m so happy my kids have loved this activity too.

It’s an easy one to bust out every Easter!

Child colors part of a DIY Easter Puzzle


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