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Painted Box Cake Activity – Busy Toddler

Three kids are outside painting a cardboard box wedding cake. One child is laughing, one is reaching up, and one is putting more paint on their brush.

Author: Susie    Published: 07/23/2023    Updated: 07/23/2023 An outside-the-box painting activity that uses literal boxes – and it’s a 10/10. If you’re looking for an interesting art project for kids, try this painted box cake activity. It’s the perfect outdoor activity for kids to try alone or in a group. What is a painted box cake? […]

Construction Site Small World – Busy Toddler

A child in a blue shirt moves construction trucks around a sensory bin full of dirt and yard trimmings.

Author: Susie    Published: 07/23/2023    Updated: 07/23/2023 Skip the sand this summer and switch to a dirt box: it’ll change everything. This construction site small world is an amazing example of why dirt in your sand table is the way to go. Check out this easy outdoor activity that only needs dirt and trucks What is […]

Chalk Paint Outdoor Art – Busy Toddler

Overhead photo of a child

Author: Susie    Published: 07/14/2023    Updated: 07/14/2023 This simple idea for making chalk paint only needs two ingredients and a grater. It’s process art meets a motor skills workout and a science lesson – and it’s absolutely perfect. What is chalk paint? Chalk paint (in this instance) is created by combining chalk dust with water. There’s […]

Homemade Hummus (Without Tahini) In 5 Minutes

hummus without tahini on plate with dippers.

With just 5 minutes and basic pantry ingredients, you can make the yummiest Homemade Hummus without tahini. This means that it’s nut-free, so it’s an option for school and allergy families, and it’s just perfect for dunking crackers or spreading on bread. Hummus without Tahini Making hummus at home can seem daunting, but it’s actually […]

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