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Outdoor Colored Water Station – Busy Toddler

Four bins of colored water sit on a patio, red, orange, yellow, and white. Cups and bowls are in the water and kid hands.

Author: Susie    Published: 06/29/2023    Updated: 06/29/2023 Looking for a super simple, but major wow-factor activity? Try setting up an outdoor colored water station. Using just water, paint, and some kitchen utensils, this activity comes together in seconds… but holds little attention spans much longer. Why create an outdoor colored water station? Kids love water. My […]

Do Bananas Cause Constipation?

range of bananas on countertop.

Learn which color of banana can cause constipation and which can actually help alleviate it with this quick guide (plus recipes to try). Do Bananas Cause Constipation? Whether bananas cause constipation depends the ripeness which is detectable by the color of the peel. Underripe bananas, so ones that are more green than yellow, have higher […]

Sponge Targets Outdoor Activity – Busy Toddler

Sponge Targets Outdoor Activity - Busy Toddler

Author: Susie    Published: 06/28/2023    Updated: 06/28/2023 Create this shockingly easy backyard game with just a few supplies. Sponge targets is a great outdoor activity for all ages. From toddlers to adults, this simple summer fun is perfect for all. What are sponge targets? The best part of summer is taking playtime outside. Combine outside playing […]

Favorite Blueberry Popsicles

Blueberry popsicles on purple plate with blueberries on side.

Pack fruits and veggies into your next batch of freezer pops with these super simple and delicious Blueberry Popsicles. That’s right—they even have a dose of spinach inside for extra nutrition for the kids! Blueberry Popsicles Whenever the weather warms up, and we’re spending more and more time outside, I try to keep our freezer […]

Outdoor Science Bin for Kids – Busy Toddler

A child crouches down behind a plastic bin filled with baking soda. An ice cube tray next to him is full of colorful baking soda.

An outdoor science bin is an epic summer activity. With just some baking soda and vinegar, kids can experience a combination art and science activity. This is one of the best and easiest activities to do with kids. Why make an outdoor science bin? Hello friends and welcome to my “let’s make giant activities for […]

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler

A child smiles while tipping a funnel of rainbow rice into a mason jar. There is a storage container of colorful rice, funnels, and scoops.

Author: Susie    Published: 06/23/2023    Updated: 06/23/2023 You need to make a rainbow rice sensory bin… today. This is one of the best sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers, and beloved by big kids still. It’s surprisingly easy to create and absolutely beautiful. What is a rainbow rice sensory bin? A rainbow rice sensory bin is […]

Frozen Paint Summer Activity – Busy Toddler

Child is holding a craft stick with a green ice cube on it. They are painting with the green paint-sicle.

Author: Susie    Published: 06/23/2023    Updated: 06/23/2023 Enjoy this “how-to” article for making a frozen paint summer activity. This perfect outdoor art project provides a sensory, science, and creative way to explore paint. This activity works for toddler to big kids. What is frozen paint? Summertime = all the art outside. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve […]

Flower Cutting Bin – Busy Toddler

Flower Cutting Bin - Busy Toddler

When should kids start using scissors? This will vary home to home, but I recommend introducing scissors between 2-3 years old. Kids then can become comfortable with scissors between 3-5 which support their use in school. How do you help left handed kids with cutting? First off, I’m left-handed and so is my husband. Lefties […]

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