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Easy Gingerbread Cake

Stacked squares of gingerbread cake.

With mellow, yet flavorful warm spices and a super easy method, this easy Gingerbread Cake is perfectly spiced and super simple to bake. Serve it with decorative sprinkles or add whipped cream or cream cheese frosting. Gingerbread Cake We’ve long loved Gingerbread Muffins as a festive holiday muffins (or just as a spice muffins whenever […]

Best Learning Towers (For All Budgets!)

guidecraft kitchen tower learning tower for toddlers in natural

Learning towers bring toddlers and little kids up to counter height, protect them from falling backwards with their smart design, and let the kids help cook, play, or eat up where the action is. They’re SO useful! Today, I’m sharing my favorites to fit a range of budgets and spaces. Learning Towers for Toddlers We […]

Persevering Through Picky Eating

Persevering Through Picky Eating

If you are dealing with picky eating, you know the struggle is real. But you might be asking “Why?” and “What can I do?”. Get research-based answers and reality-centered solutions in today’s episode! Mackenzie DeJong Aunt of four unique kiddos. Passionate about figuring how small brains develop, process, and differ. Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life […]

Mini Healthy Pumpkin Muffins (High Protein, Low Sugar, So Yummy!)


With just a handful of nutritious ingredients, these Healthy Pumpkin Muffins are a treat that we love to make and enjoy each fall for breakfast, snack time, or as a simple side dish for dinner. And it’s easy to adjust for allergies as needed! Healthy Pumpkin Muffins This easy muffin recipe is loaded with nutrients […]

Travel Toys for Big Kids – Busy Toddler

Travel Toys for Big Kids (Best toys to take on trips): image shows toys for kids

Author: Susie    Published: 11/17/2022    Updated: 11/17/2022 Let’s talk about the best travel toys for big kids. Traveling with big kids is fun and a bit easier than traveling with toddlers (that’s an understatement). But big kids still need entertain on trips, and I’ve found some of the best travel toys for this older age group. […]

25 Christmas Crafts for Kids – Busy Toddler

25 Christmas Crafts for kids of all ages (image has 8 Christmas crafts, a black circle with white text)

Author: Susie    Published: 11/17/2022    Updated: 11/15/2022 ‘Tis the season for Christmas, crafting, and all things DIY. But what if you have kids at the holidays? Are there Christmas crafts for kids, too? Welcome to the best curated list of Christmas crafts to try this season with your children. Are there actually doable Christmas crafts for […]

Christmas Sensory Bin – Busy Toddler

A child in a Christmas sweater puts his hand in a white funnel that is sitting in a green and red dyed rice sensory bin.

Author: Susie    Published: 11/16/2022    Updated: 11/16/2022 Christmas sensory bins make for fantastic holiday play. Created with a holiday version of the famous “rainbow rice,” this is the perfect indoor activity. Save these sensory bins supplies for years to come and you’ll always have a quick and easy Christmas activity for kids. How to start building […]

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