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25 Christmas Crafts for kids of all ages (image has 8 Christmas crafts, a black circle with white text)


‘Tis the season for Christmas, crafting, and all things DIY. But what if you have kids at the holidays? Are there Christmas crafts for kids, too? Welcome to the best curated list of Christmas crafts to try this season with your children.

25 Christmas Crafts for kids of all ages (image has 8 Christmas crafts, a black circle with white text)

Are there actually doable Christmas crafts for kids?

Christmas and crafting somehow goes together. I’m not sure how this happened. As if parents needs something more on their plate during the busy holiday season: let’s add a Christmas craft for kids into the equation!

It sounds absurd and yet… yet, I love them. I’m a sucker for a holiday craft BUT (and this is a big but), it has to fit my criteria:

  • Doable – these has to be a project that can reasonably turn out well
  • Actually involve kids – there are a lot of Christmas crafts that are 100% parent done and little (to no) evidence of kids
  • Limited supplies – I know these crafts will probably need something extra, but let’s keep the price for new craft supplies reasonable

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What types of Christmas crafts are on this list?

I’ve broken this list of Christmas kid crafts into categories to help you find what you’re looking for with as much ease as possible.

This list is mixed age. Some Christmas crafts will work for toddlers and others are more “big kid specific.” You’ll have to do that craft-judging before hand to decide which projects are best for your family.

The list is broken up by:

  • Christmas crafts for kids
  • Christmas art projects
  • Homemade ornament Christmas crafts

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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

An absolute showstopper! Grab some pine cones and wine corks, plus some green paint and get to work. I love that each tree is unique – not only by the child creating it but from the pine cone shapes.

Yarn and Stick Christmas Trees

Obsessed with this idea: sticks from outside and yarn wrapped around it. This tutorial is fantastic and the finished product couldn’t look cuter.

Sparkly Snowflakes

This is a great craft for toddlers to big kids. Everyone can be successful with this craft which is always the most important.

Paper Cup Christmas Trees

Loving this idea and imagining it working at a holiday party where paper cups are already thriving. Add some ornament/decoration options and kids will love creating these.

Christmas Toilet Paper Craft

Save those toilet paper rolls! We’ve made these and they’re an adorable big kid craft. Older kids can give these a lot of personality with a few Christmas craft supplies.

Waterless Snow Globes

These are adorable – I used to make something similar as a teacher with my students so I know just how great this can turn out. They’re a great final product without a ton of intense crafting.

Handprint Christmas Tree

Need a fantastic homemade gift for a grandparent? Check out this idea – make sure to review the steps on the website for tips.

Christmas Light Suncatcher

With a little tissue paper and some Con-tact paper, these suncatchers are a really fun (and easy) Christmas craft.

Christmas Paper Chain Garland

These are too cute! Paper chains are a favorite around here – and I know my big kids would love making these Christmas-themed ones.

Christmas Tree Outlines

This project uses a Christmas tree outline (which is free to download from the website). How much fun would kids have decorating these trees? Could be a great kids-table activity for a holiday party…

Christmas Paper Plate Whirligig

I cannot wait to make these. Cut apart a paper plate just to make this “whirligig.” Add paper ornaments and wow – wouldn’t this look perfect in a kid room for Christmas?

Macaroni Christmas Wreath

Yes- this wreath is made with pasta! This is a terrific multi-step project to glue down the pasta and paint it.

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Christmas Art Projects

Tape Resist Trees

This adorable twist on tape resist is the cutest. Add tape to cardboard tree shapes, paint with shades of green, and pull off the tape to reveal a unique mosaic. This is fantastic for all ages.

Sponge Paint Poinsettias

Grab your sponges (old or new) and create gorgeous poinsettia prints for Christmas. My kids will be trying these this year and making holiday cards with them.

Puffy Paint Tree

DIY puffy paint is so much fun to create art with – and this Christmas tree activity is just right. Create a puff paint tree and add pom pom ball ornaments.

Finger Paint Christmas Lights

What a cute project and keepsake. Kids decorate strands of “lights” with their fingerprints. Perfect as a sibling gift to give Grandparents.

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Art

Using a Christmas tree stencil, kids decorate paper with their thumbprints. This is also a great lesson in “negative space,” and a fun Christmas craft from toddlers to big kids.

Christmas Wall Hanging

What a gorgeous final product – and one that kids can be successful with from toddlers to elementary school. Exploring negative space, these can be customized with any holiday word and painted with colors of the child’s choosing.

Christmas Wreaths

An absolute favorite, the two in the photo were done by a 23 month old and a 3.5 year old. This activity is very kid friendly and makes for the cutest final product. Highly recommend.

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Homemade Ornament Christmas Crafts

Baking Soda Dough Hand Prints

One of the coolest hand prints to do with your baby/toddler. I’ve done it and it worked. I know it looks intense… it is doable.

Paper Plate Baubles

What a fun idea!! This would make a great holiday station at a party or playdate. Ear-mark this website. This idea is too good and simple to forget.

Perler Bead Ornaments

Perler beads take on a whole new meaning with this activity. This doesn’t use templates, ironing, or painstaking minute details… definitely check this idea out!

Jingle Bell Wreath Craft

I love some jingle bells at Christmas, and this is such a cute idea and use for theme as an ornament.

Craft Stick Ornament

A wonderful craft project for kids – this will look adorable with an gems, jewels, stickers, or pom pom balls you have lying around the house.

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

I’ve made these every year for the last fifteen (yes, 15!!) years. I love them. The dough is made from cinnamon, glue, and apple sauce – and they keep smelling wonderful for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to do Christmas crafts with kids?

NO! These are random, extra bonus ideas that have no bearing on whether or not your kids will have a magical Christmas. They’ll have a magical Christmas because they have you – no lack of Christmas crafting will change that.

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