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Toys that Organize: (sponsored) Three fantastic toys from Lakeshore Learning

“Where do you keep the pieces?”

“How do I store this toy?”

 “I can’t figure out how to organize all the parts.”

It is a puzzling situation so many caregivers face in the toy aisle. We see an amazing, eye-popping, perfect for our child toys, but all we can think about is how are we going to keep from losing all the pieces.

We want nothing but the best toys for our kids…but we also want our kids (and ourselves!) to be successful with the clean-up (and to keep from running around the house looking for missing parts).

Friends, there are magical toys out there that do this work for us. Yes, you read that right: toys that contain their own parts. They are their own storage. They self-organize.

These are the toys that caregiver dreams are made of.

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3 kids playing with toys from Lakeshore Learning

Yes, these toys really do organize themselves.

Toys are so important for our kids. They are the tools of the important play work our kids need to be doing.

Nothing is more frustrating than when you start a task or a job, and realize you are missing tools or missing parts. That’s what it feels like to a playing child who suddenly realizes the pieces to a toy are missing.

As frustrating as it is for us caregivers to organize and store toys, it’s equally as frustrating for kids when toy bits get lost.

That’s why these three toys from Lakeshore Learning are absolutely the best.

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It’s no surprise these toys came from Lakeshore

Three toys that are able to store their own pieces?! That level of thoughtful design and crafting could only come from Lakeshore Learning.

Lakeshore toys are incredible. They’re designed by teachers, expertly crafted, and made for the highest levels of childhood play and learning.

The quality and the details is in the design… and that’s what separates a Lakeshore toy from others.

Meet the 3 toys that store their own parts:

Carry Around Animal Town

An absolute winner (not that we are keeping score), but this little toy is big on learning and fun.

The toy unlocks to reveal a magical play world for eight precious animals. From a swing, hide out cave to a slide and teeter-totter, the small details in the Carry Around Animal Town make it something so special.

Every inch of this toy was made with careful planning to ensure maximum play, but at the end? All the animals can safely be locked inside the paw and stored until next time.

Bonus: this is fantastic toy to travel with.

Child playing with the Carry Around Animal Town from Lakeshore

Real-Action Fire Engine

This sturdy, well-sized fire engine is absolutely perfect for all kids. The little details in this one gives it that bit of something extra:  two humans, one dog, doors that open, a hose, and four stabilizers make this feel so real.

Oh and don’t forget to open the back to reveal a playful fire station theme to add to the imaginary and dramatic play.

But the showstopper: The ladder extends over 2 feet tall – making this one impressive fire truck. The Real-Action Fire Engine packs a whole lot into just one truck.

When play is over, store the characters in the back. No more dumping toy bins trying to find the people – they’re waiting for next time in the back of the fire engine. Makes life so easy.

Take-Along Train Station

Ready to start your wooden train collection but worried about how to store all the tracks? Meet the Take-Along Train Station. It’s a train station that stores all its parts.

Yep, all the tracks, trains, bushes, trees, and houses fit neatly inside the train station.

Ready to play? Build a track going through the train station – it’s not just a storage container, it’s part of the play.

That’s the kind of creativity that goes into a designing a Lakeshore toy.

That’s why Lakeshore toys are at the top of our lists

This kind of thoughtful design – to imagine a toy where the parts store inside of it – is so typical of the beautiful level of craftsmanship in a Lakeshore toy.

Lakeshore toys are always kid-tested and it is shows. Kids gravitate to Lakeshore toys, because kids know how to spot special toys – and that’s exactly what these are.

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TOYS THAT ORGANIZE: (sponsored) Check out these fantastic finds from Lakeshore Learning! An amazing set of toys that store their own parts for play later - written by Busy Toddler


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