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We got to try out the new Kitchen Adventures subscription box for kids from Little Passports, and we are obsessed. It’s such a fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen!

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Little Passports

It is no secret that I love having kids in the kitchen as a way to help them become more confident around a broad range of foods. Letting them touch, identify, and just be around us as we cook can help build food literacy—so they know what foods are—as they grow. And they may even taste some foods along the way.

To help with this, the Kitchen Adventures Kit from Little Passports is part cultural exploration, part culinary adventure with facts, recipes, and a craft. It’s a partnership from the beloved brands Little Passports and America’s Test Kitchen Kids, so you can trust that the global information and the recipes are going to be thoroughly vetted and top notch.

We got to try the activity kit all about Rome and my daughter crafted a marble maze inspired by ancient Roman pottery and we had four recipes to try.

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Subscription Boxes for Kids

The recipes come with a detailed shopping list, clear directions, notes for grown-ups, and images. I loved that they are straightforward and didn’t need 17 ingredients. We actually made two of them without even having to go to the grocery store.

My kids tried Cacio E Pepe for the first time and we made Pizza Bianca together. My oldest daughter was in charge of reading the instructions and the rest of us helped her. (She loves to take charge!)

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

This subscription box for kids comes monthly, and you can subscribe for one month to try it out, for 6 months, or for a full year (which comes with a bigger discount). It’s such a fun kit to look forward to each month, and I can’t wait to try out the next one.

Over the past three years, we’ve tried out a handful of mail order boxes for kids and I have found that the novelty of new recipes designed just for kids has helped my three be interested in trying new foods. Win!

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Kitchen Adventures Kit

Each kit comes with:

  • Four kid-friendly recipes from the folks at America’s Test Kitchen Kids.
  • A project or game inspired by world cultures.
  • A kid-safe cooking tool.

The hands-on nature of this kit helps us all discover new flavors, cook as a team, build practical skills, and enjoy food together. To which I say, win!

Take 50% off your first month with my code YTF50.

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