Season 3 Podcast: All About Temperament

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’


In the third season of the podcast, our cohosts, Lori and Mackenzie, explore the research and reality around temperament – which makes each child (and adult) different. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode.

S3: Ep. 1Temperament: It’s in Their Nature
How your child reacts is about their innate temperament (or the core of their personality). Learn how working with his or her temperament traits will boost your ability to respond.

S3: Ep. 2 Sensitivity: It Makes Sense
Your child’s reactions to stimulus such as loud noises and bright lights are completely predictable. Use your powers of observation to help you guide their reactions to stimulus.

S3: Ep. 3 Intensity: (Maybe) Not So Calm and Collected
Did you know taking a drink of water or cracking a silly joke can prevent a meltdown? Discover these tricks to helping kids keep their cool.

S3: Ep. 4 Persistence: Celebrate It!
Have a child that gets super-focused and frustrated when asked to switch tasks and loves to “do it myself?” Learn how to support and embrace their persistence (and maybe even quiet your own frustration).

S3: Ep. 5 Activity: It Takes Energy
Do long car rides give you pause because of fidgety kids? Or maybe vacation days when the kids are dragging due to too many activities? Learn to strike a happy medium by doing a deep dive into how natural energy affects behavior.

S3: Ep. 6 Temperament and Sleep ft. Macall Gordon
Our experts dish on how temperament affects the way our kids catch their ZZZs. Featuring Macall Gordon.

S3: Ep. 7 Adaptability: My Way or Another Way
Adaptability takes shape in numerous ways. For kids who are planners, it’s following a schedule and setting them up for change. And for the adventurous types, it’s giving them a long leash to explore. Try these tips to tap into your child’s natural reactions.

S3: Ep. 8 Distractibility: It’s in the Details
Did you know simple tricks like making eye contact, written notes and clear commands can aid in your child’s concentration levels? Try out some of our pro tips to help his or her focus (and maybe even your own).

S3: Ep. 9Approach: Caution or Curiosity
Does your child approach a new situation carefully, or do they jump in feet first? Lori and Mackenzie discuss how quickly your child might leap based on their temperament.

S3: Ep. 10 Temperament & Difficult Behaviors
Study these six basics to determine how you can develop an action plan for a child with difficult demands. Plus, how to determine if you need to call in the pros for help. Featuring Dr. Sean McDevitt.

S3: Ep. 11 Regularity: Got Rhythm?
Although we cannot always control our children, we can influence their environment. Find out how temperament impacts pivotal moments throughout the day.

S3: Ep. 12 Mood: Silly or Serious?
Work through your child’s moodiness (hello whiny toddler or aloof teen) by focusing on the positive through your words and actions.

S3: Ep. 13 Fearful Temperament: Shy or Slow-to-Warm? ft. Rob Coplan
Learn how taking small steps and embracing a lifelong approach can help alleviate stress for kids who are shy.  Featuring  Robert Coplan.

S3: Ep. 14 Flexible Temperament: About Those “Easy” Kids
Many children are go-with-the-flow types, but these kids have specific needs, too. Learn how to teach them how to express their own voices to create their own break-out moments.

S3: Ep. 15 The Spirited Temperament ft. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
Check in with author and expert Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka on her best tips for parenting spirited and feisty kids and learning to love their energy.

S3: Ep. 16 Temperament: The Big A-Ha
In this season finale, the cohosts summarize the temperament season and share a-ha moments along the way.

You can also find a list of the resources mentioned in these podcast episodes here.

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