Baby Food Storage Containers (For All Budgets)

All different baby food storage containers all stacked on countertop.


Find the best baby food storage containers in glass, BPA-free plastic, and stainless steel, with options for jars, containers, reusable pouches, lidded bowls and more. I’ve included options for all budgets that will last and last!

All different baby food storage containers all stacked on countertop.

Baby Food Storage Containers

Make the most of all of that nutritious baby food—whether purees, BLW, or finger foods–with the best baby food storage container options. These will help you safely store food in the fridge and freezer, and give you options for packing for daycare, too.

Included in this post are containers made from glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic. I have a mix of jars, bowls with lids, reusable bags, reusable pouches, and more so you can use what works best for your life and routine.

All different baby food storage containers all stacked on countertop.

Best Glass and Ceramic Baby Food Storage Containers

Glass and ceramic storage containers are safe from any potential issues you may find with plastic, are easy to clean, are durable, and last for years. You can reuse them again and again without issue and they come in a range of sizes for storing baby food—and then kid food as the littles grow.

WeeSprout Jars

These jars, which come in both 4- and 8-ounce sizes, are amazingly useful. We’ve used them daily for over a year and have never had an issue with them. They are easy to clean, the lids screw on tightly, and they are incredibly durable.

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AIGI Ceramic Containers

These ceramic containers are another wonderful option, especially for storing slightly larger portions. They are great for leftovers, meal-prepping, and even serving the baby food as a bowl.

ice cube tray and reusable storage bag on countertop.

How to Freeze Baby Food

Freezing baby food, whether as a way to store leftovers or as a way to batch cook it, is easy and helpful. You can simply add the baby food to an ice cube tray, freeze the cubes, then transfer the cubes to a freezer bag for longterm storage.

To thaw, place 1-2 cubes (or more, according to the portions your baby is eating) in a container in the fridge overnight.

You can also freeze baby food in reusable pouches.

Two squeeze pouches for kids on countertop.

Favorite Reusable Pouches for Baby Food

Reusable pouches are a great way to store baby food in both the fridge and the freezer. There are a lot of options and my favorite ones are below.

Squeasy Gear

This has long been one of my favorite baby feeding products as it’s one of the few reusable pouches that doesn’t come with the possibility of a mess—there’s a little guard that prevents baby from squirting out the food (whether on purpose or by accident).

It’s easy to clean, comes in a few different sizes (we like to start with the 3.5 ounce one) and can store baby food in the fridge or freezer.

Weesprout Reusable Pouches

BPA-free plastic pouches are easy to fill (they fill from a zipper that opens and closes along the bottom) and store wonderfully in the fridge and freezer. This is a helpful way to portion out baby food and have it ready to go.

To wash, remove the screw-top and open the bottom. Let water run through and use a small bottle brush as needed to clean. Prop open to dry on a bottle drying rack.

two baby food storage containers with lids on counter.

Best Baby Food Bowls with Storage Lids

Having a bowl or two with a tight fitting lids means that it’s easy to serve and store baby food in the same container. These silicone bowls from WeeSprout are a great option that you can use throughout childhood. They’re easy to clean and are freezer and dishwasher safe.

tops of baby food storage containers on countertop.

Favorite BPA-Free Plastic Baby Food Containers

With all of the options for plastic containers on the market, it can be hard to know which ones really last. My two favorite are below, which I recommend after 6 years of real-life testing. These are the only two brands that have held up to repeated washings and haven’t scratched easily.

Beaba Clip Containers

These containers, which come in a few sizes so you can use the one that fits your purpose, stack for easy storage. They are easy to clean and made from a safer type of plastic. The lids screw on tightly enough to store liquids and purees.

They’re also great for finger foods.

Replay Recycled Snack Stackers

These colorful containers are great for snacks and also for storing food in the fridge or pantry. They are made from recycled milk jugs and twist together for easy storage.

Best Stainless Baby Food Containers

Stainless is a great option for food storage since it’s a safe material that tends to be very durable. It’s also very easy to clean. The downside is that you can’t heat food in this container, so you’d have to transfer it to another if you need to warm it up. My favorite options are below.

WeeSprout Stainless Food Containers

Sold in a set of three, these stainless containers come with tight-fitting silicone lids. They are perfect for storing any type of baby food and are safe in the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.

Everusely Stainless Containers

Sold as containers for salad dressing, these stainless containers are actually a great size for baby food at just under 2 ounces. And then you can use them for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to store baby food in glass or plastic?

You can use either. If using plastic, look for BPA-free plastic and avoid putting it into the microwave or dishwasher to help the plastic stay in tact. Discard it if you see any scratches.

What is the best way to store homemade baby food?

You can store homemade baby food in the fridge in small containers for up to 5 days, or you can freeze it in reusable pouches or in ice cube trays. If doing ice cube trays, transfer the frozen cubes to a freezer bag for longer term storage.

Is it safe to store baby food in plastic containers?

It can be. Look for BPA-free plastic and avoid putting it into the microwave or dishwasher to help the plastic stay in tact. Avoid acidic food like citrus or tomato-based foods, as those can break down the material, too. Discard it if you see any scratches.

Best Tips for Success

  • Care for your storage containers according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • To lengthen the life of BPA-free plastic, hand wash it rather than putting it into the dishwasher.
  • Let dry fully before storing.
  • Check out my fav Snack Containers for more food storage options.

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