How to Make Oobleck (it’s so easy!) – Busy Toddler

How to Make Oobleck (it's so easy!) - Busy Toddler


Let’s find out how to make oobleck!

Oobleck is THE BEST and I am not over-selling this. There’s no way to over-sell something as amazing as oobleck. If you haven’t tried this yet, let me show you how to make oobleck – and convince you to try and give it a go.

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How do you make oobleck? Combine cornstarch and water so make this amazing substance.

Adding blue-dyed water to my cornstarch

What is oobleck?

Oobleck is a non-Newtonian substance (how’s that for a $100 word). Non-Newtonian is a fancy way of saying it’s kind of a solid and kind of a liquid. It has properties of both.

When kids play with it, oobleck seemingly changes it’s form: When you hold it in your fingers, the oobleck slips through like a liquid. Or add some pressure and you can break it, like a solid. Push into oobleck with a spoon and it’s firm. Let it fall from a spoon, and it look moves like pancake batter.

Oobleck is the coolest.

How do you make oobleck? Combine cornstarch and water so make this amazing substance.

How do you make oobleck?

It’s so easy.


That’s it. Generally, it’s a 2 to 1 ratio of cornstarch to water (so 1 cup of cornstarch + 1/2 cup of water).

Add in food coloring to your water, but that’s totally optional and your preference.

Stir to combine and like magic: the oobleck will form before your eyes.

Does oobleck stain?

Nope – oobleck is cornstarch and water. These are not “stain-able” ingredients. If you choose to add food coloring into your water, the food coloring will be diluted in the oobleck and should not stain your hands.

Of course, remember if concentrated food coloring does get on clothing, it will rinse out with cold water. I usually set the stain in our sink filled with cold water and let the water do its diluting job.

So unsuspecting. Does it look liquid or solid to you?

Is oobleck different from slime?

Yes. 10000x yes. Oobleck is very different from slime.

For starters: oobleck does not stain (see above paragraph). Slime is the worst. Oobleck’s ingredients are much “safer” in that respect: your carpet is safe.

Oobleck is also taste safe: the ingredients in oobleck are taste safe so you can use oobleck with any age of child that you are comfortable.

Oobleck and slime also feel completely different but I’ll be honest: oobleck tends to be a bit messier in play because of the consistency. HOWEVER since it’s just cornstarch and water, it only needs a wet washcloth to clean up.

Look at it pour!

How do you clean up or dispose of oobleck?

Think of oobleck like gravy (it’s basically the same ingredients). To turn oobleck from non-Newtonian into a full on liquid, you need to “flood it” and dilute it.

Once you have overwhelmed the cornstarch with water, it fully dissolves and your left with just pretty colored water.

What can you do with oobleck?

Oobleck activities are some of my favorites, but because it’s so quick and east to make up – my kids often just sit and play with oobleck for fun.

There’s something about oobleck that is just plain magical. Here are some of our favorite ways to play:

OOBLECK BAKING STATION: Quick and easy sensory bin; invitation to play; sensory activity for toddler; sensory bin for preschoolers; outdoor activity idea; summer activity idea; making oobleck with Busy Toddler

Outdoor baking binthis was perfect and by the end of the day, 7 kids were crowded around this one container.

OOBLECK PARTY: Ready to have some messy fun; messy sensory activity; sensory play for kids; kids sensory activity; sensory; oobleck; preschool activity; indoor activity from Busy Toddler

Toy partydrop some toys in with the oobleck and let your kids decorate them. This ends with kids and oobleck in the bathtub which is the perfect double activity win.

EASY BABY SENSORY ACTIVITY: What a great baby activity! Babies will love this fun sensory activity; an easy indoor activity for baby; play with oobleck; oobleck activity; a great high chair activity from Busy Toddler

Baby + Oobleck I love oobleck as a high chair activity. What an amazing sensory moment for baby.

Oobleck in the bathMy daughter is just over one in this activity where I let her play with oobleck in the bath. At the end, fill the tub up which dilutes the oobleck into the water making it safe to drain.

Two kids playing with oobleck outside.

Rainbow oobleck sensory binA perfect backyard activity. Just hose it out to dilute it back into water at the end. Easy clean up!


HOW TO MAKE OOBLECK: Oobleck is the best! Learn how to make oobleck in this simple to follow post from Busy Toddler.


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