10+ Activities with Easter Eggs – Busy Toddler

10+ Activities with Easter Eggs - Busy Toddler


Let’s find the best: 10+ activities with Easter eggs

Here’s a not-so-secret fun fact: I love plastic Easter eggs for YEAR ROUND activities. I know, I probably should keep them “special” and put them away each Spring… but I just can’t do it.

The shape, the size, they open, they close, they colors. I’m telling you: this is one of the greatest activity supplies.

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Activities with Easter eggs are the best – and so versatile

Plastic eggs are full of possibilities. They have limitless uses in:

These relatively simple and unsuspecting holiday decorations are actually a goldmine of opportunities. This may be an “Easter” post, but I’m kind of hoping you’ve found this in the off season.

We keep our eggs out year round – and I’m just fine with that.

Eggs don’t have to be for “Easter-only”

Did you know you can find Easter eggs year-round?

I stumbled on that gem a few years ago but it’s true. If you ever run out of eggs… a certain small online retail location has them at the ready.

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Here are 10+ fantastic activities with Easter eggs that kids will love

I’ve collected just the best of the best for this list: the easy and fun Easter egg activities that my kids have grown up loving.

You’ll be clicking through here to some fantastic blogs – enjoy meeting many of my friends/colleagues.

Preschoolers playing an Easter Egg Activity

Egg+Letter Match Up – Busy Toddler

Arguably one of the all time favorites at our house. Hide ABC magnets in the eggs, hide the eggs, match it up AND REPEAT.

Easter Egg Color Sorting: A pom pom sorting activity that's perfect for Spring. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this fun indoor sorting activity.

Egg Crack and Sort – Busy Toddler

Fill the eggs with pom poms or other sortable item and let kids crack and sort what’s inside.

Egg Stem Towers – The Educator’s Spin On It

This looks amazing – pair play dough with plastic eggs for a way cool STEM project. I wonder how big my kids can get this?!

Egg Ramp and Roll – Toddler Approved

This is the BEST baby/taby/toddler activity. And notice how baby is inside the box and CONTAINED?! This is the best.

EASTER SCIENCE ACTIVITY: Such and quick and easy science activity that toddlers and preschoolers will love. A simple indoor activity that's perfect for rainy days. Busy Toddler.

Easter Hidden Colors – Busy Toddler

Add some food coloring to the egg halves, top with baking soda, and let kids squirt on vinegar to reveal the “hidden colors.”

Easter Egg Puzzle – Happy Toddler Playtime

I think this is such a smart idea! A DIY matching puzzle for toddlers – wouldn’t this be cool for a big kid to set up for their little sibling?

EASTER SENSORY BIN: This is such an easy indoor activity for toddlers! They will love this easy Easter activity that takes just seconds to set up!

Easter Rainbow Rice Bin – Busy Toddler

Check out how pretty this bin is?! It’s rainbow rice and eggs. You don’t get much simpler than that!

Egg Tower STEM – The Resourceful Mama

What a cool way to play with eggs?! This stacking game is a STEM dream. What an amazing engineering project for kids.

Kinetic Sand and “Dinosaur Eggs” – Fun Learning for Kids

This is actually how my kids use their eggs most days – these plastic eggs live in our kinetic sand bin and it’s PERFECTION.

Can You Make the Egg Sink – Happy Toddler Playtime

Can you make the egg sink? This is a science challenge activity for children – can they add materials to the eggs to make them sink?



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