15 Best Toddler Kitchen Sets and Accessories (for All Budgets!)

toddler play sets in grid of 6


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Set your toddler up for plenty of dramatic play and help foster their love of food and cooking from a young age with toddler kitchen sets just for them. Here you’ll find my top picks for kids kitchen sets and accessories at a range of budgets.

toddler play sets in grid of 6

Kids Kitchen Sets

Both of my girls have always loved to play pretend and I know that this sort of dramatic play is important for helping them learn social and emotional skills. And while I love to help kids cook in a real kitchen, I just love watching kids go fully into the land of creativity to create a whole new world for themselves!

And playing pretend with food in a toddler kitchen is a super fun activity to do together and it can open up a dialogue for talking about real food. Win, win!

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Best Toddler Play Kitchen Sets

When looking for the best toddler kitchen sets, I aimed to keep things as affordable as possible, have high quality materials, and to offer an assortment of styles. (I admit, I do naturally steer towards more neutral colors though!)

And, since I know that many of us are dealing with smaller spaces, I’ve tried to include play kitchens that are slightly smaller in scale too.

NOTE: Prices are accurate as of publication date. Things may change. Production on a lot of items has been less consistent this year and some things are going in and out of stock based on the manufacturer’s inventory. All of these were available at the time of writing, but that may change.


I love the clean, modern lines of this basic and straightforward toddler kitchen set. Priced at under $120, it would fit into almost any decor style. It even has a removable sink for easy clean up should the kids get carried away!

Hape kitchen set red

If you want something with a burst of color, but that’s not too bright and flashy, this retro-style play kitchen is a good option. We have a dollhouse from this brand and it’s super durable, made of nice wood, and has held up to a lot of toddler love over the years. And at less than $70, it’s a great price!

With 13 wooden accessories (I love how the kitchen accessories things hang!), this is a sweet and simple toddler play kitchen. It’s compact, but has enough going on to keep the kids entertained. And it includes a play set with 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 knives, pan, pot with lid, mixing spoon, spatula, and salt and pepper shakers.

With knobs that click and clack, doors that open and close and accessories including a phone (so fun!), I love this clean and simple kids kitchen set. I also really love that it has subway tile and it’s under $100!

For those with a little bit more space to play, this corner kitchen set is seriously fun—and the burners light up and the ice maker makes noise! This one also has a phone and fits nicely into a corner of a playroom. Priced at under $190, this is a best seller and is so fun.

With 25 accessories, including a recycling bin and coffee pot, this durable playset will last through many kids…and many hours of play. The burners light up, the coffee pot makes noise (if you have batteries installed), and there’s endless opportunities for pretend play, all for under $90.

With a modern design and window boxes, this is a fun play kitchen for kids who might also want to pretend to garden too. Priced at under $200, I love the pretend ice cubes that come with the ice maker and the fun pretend food that comes with it.

Okay, so I have conflicting feelings about a toddler play kitchen that’s nicer than my actual kitchen, but this one is a beauty! There’s space on the shelves to store pretend food and a cutting board comes with the set. And this kitchen rings up for under $150.

With a low profile, fun accessories, and a size great for kids aged 3-5, this is a compact play kitchen that will get loads of use over the years, even if you don’t have a ton of space.

Let the kids practice cutting their veggies without the worry of actually using knives with this magnetic set of wooden fruits and veggies. It comes with a cutting bard and pretend tools too!

For a kiddo who already has a full kitchen set or to just test the waters to see if pretend play is something they might be into, this toaster set is too cute and priced right at under $30!

Help teach the kids about food groups and have fun sorting foods with this simple wooden food set that includes 21 hand-painted wooden pieces and crates, all for under $20. (They also have a Smoothie Set and a Cake Set that are both super fun.)

With options to make hoagies, pita sandwiches, burgers, and more, this felt food set is fun for pretend play for little kids of all ages. And I love that it invites the kids to get creative with their sandwich making skills! Priced at under $20.

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If your kids are anything like mine, they love pushing tiny grocery carts around the grocery store—so why not give them the chance to do the same thing at home! Bonus: You can store this cart, fully loaded with groceries, in the closet when it’s not in use. And it’s a steal at under $30.

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pretend stir fry set

Encourage a little cooking diversity with this simple stir-fry set for under $30. It has fun veggies to identify and new cooking tools to try out—and might make the little ones more into their meals the next time you go out for Chinese! (But really, I just like that this gives kids the chance to play with their food, without taking over the entire playroom.)

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Are there other toddler kitchen sets you love? I’d love to hear which one you have in the comments!


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