4 Weeks of Healthy Summer Meals for August

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Set your family up for easier meals this month with 4 weeks of healthy family meals to share with the kids. Each of these recipes is full of delicious and nutritious ingredients—and uses budget-friendly ingredients too.

august meal plan image in grid of 6

Easy Family Meals

Here we are in a new month and I feel right on the line between excitement about all of my kids going back to school (YES!) later this month and also a little bit of sadness that summer is coming to an end. And since I know many of our afternoons—and likely yours—will be spent outside enjoying the weather, this meal plan is here to help.

My goal with my monthly meal plans is to help you use a simple system to plan meals so you are never standing in front of the fridge staring and wondering what to make.

And to offer recipe inspiration for seasonal, yet affordable, ingredients that are appropriate for everyone in the family. I can’t guarantee that each of these will be a hit with your kids, but if you plan to add 1-2 simple sides to most meals, you can approach feeding your family with a little more confidents. (I hope anyway!)

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How to Use this Meal Plan

This plan is built on the idea of themes, so there are general categories that rotate throughout the month. This builds in familiarity for the kids and narrows down the decisions that we have to make. Which is so much easier for our brains!

You can use my plan, make your own, or pick and choose as you like. There’s no one right way!

TIP: My Happy Family Meals ebook is a full guidebook with grocery lists, tips, and schedules. Check that out if you need more guidance!

August: Week 1

Make good use of fresh summer produce in this week’s meals and add a side of Roasted Zucchini or boiled sweet corn to any meal.

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

TIP: You can find all of my best lunches for school here, whether that’s daycare, preschool, or big kid school.

Snack Ideas


august meal plan week 2

Week 2

Breakfast Ideas

Easy Kids Lunches

Snack Ideas


August meal plan week 3 in grid of 6

Week 3

Breakfast Recipes

Lunch Ideas

Snack Ideas


Serve any of these with a simple side of fresh summer fruit to round things out.

August meal plan week 4

Week 4

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Snack Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Try serving some of these meals family style to give the kids the chance to decide what to put onto their plates.

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I’d love to hear your feedback on the formatting and content for my meal plans. If there’s something that would be helpful, or you’d like to see more of specific types of recipes, please let me know below in the comments!


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