Master List of Free Activities for Kids (100+ Easy Ideas!)

Master List of Free Activities for Kids (100+ Easy Ideas!)


Keeping the kids busy and happy when they’re at home is no easy feat, but this giant list of more than 100 ideas is here to help! Use this list of free activities for kids (which has activities for babies, toddlers, and big kids) for inspiration.

free-activities-for-kids-in-gridFree Activities for Kids

Most of these kids activities require little to no supplies, but in some cases (like with painting), I assume you have basic things already in the house. There should be enough here to choose from if you don’t have all of the things, so keep reading and download the printable version to highlight or underline your favorites!

Toddler Activities

I often feel like we do the same three things over and over, so I love having a master list of activities for kids to help me mix things up. These are some of our favorite toddler and baby activities—that my 7 year old loves too!—to do at home.

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Ride bikes.
  3. Color with sidewalk chalk.
  4. “Paint” the sidewalk with water.
  5. Start a rock collection.
  6. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  7. Play “I Spy”.
  8. Set up an obstacle course.
  9. Pick flowers (like dandelions).
  10. Make letters out of grass, sticks, and pinecones.
  11. Play with bubbles.
  12. Play in the sprinkler.
  13. Play with a bucket of water and a sponge.
  14. Play with a bucket of water and cups.
  15. Use a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to give toys a bath.
  16. Give action figures a bath in the tub.
  17. Make a tiny toy parade.
  18. Use painter’s tape to make a track to race cars on.
  19. Use tape to make letters.
  20. Dig in the dirt.
  21. Go to a farmer’s market and look for favorite colors.
  22. Play catch.
  23. Throw a frisbee.
  24. Have a race.
  25. Have a jumping contest.
  26. Have a dance party.
  27. Play instruments.
  28. Play with scarves.
  29. Play Hide and Seek.
  30. Play Simon Says.
  31. Play Red Light, Green Light.
  32. Play Duck, Duck, Goose.
  33. Play bowling with a soft ball and plastic cups.
  34. Have a picnic.
  35. Turn lunch into a treasure hunt by hiding the foods around the house.
  36. Turn a cardboard box into a car or spaceship.
  37. Turn a cardboard box into a playhouse.
  38. Paint cardboard boxes.
  39. Paint on an easel.
  40. Paint on foil.
  41. Paint with cotton balls.
  42. Paint the bathtub.
  43. Paint with Q-tips.
  44. Paint using a flower as a brush.
  45. Paint with Dot Markers.
  46. Paint on coffee filters.
  47. Fingerpaint.
  48. Stamp with sponges.
  49. Stamp with apples.
  50. Stamp with fingers.
  51. Stamp with potatoes.
  52. Sort pom-poms into color piles.
  53. Move pom-poms with a small pair of tongs.
  54. Make salt dough.
  55. Bake cookies together.
  56. Let the kids mash beans into hummus.
  57. Let the kids slice a cucumber with a kid’s knife.
  58. Let the kids cut melon with a cookie cutter.
  59. Make fruit wands on paper lollipop sticks.
  60. Let the kids wash dishes.
  61. Organize the playroom by grouping like toys together into piles.
  62. Organize books by smallest to biggest.
  63. Clean out toys to donate ones the kids no longer use.
  64. Clean out clothes and try everything on to make silly outfits as you go.
  65. Play dress up.
  66. Have a tea party.
  67. Practice cutting paper.
  68. Practice tracing letters.
  69. Practice tracing hands.
  70. Trace a body laying down on paper.
  71. Make a blanket fort.
  72. Play with a dollhouse.
  73. Play with a play kitchen.
  74. Play pretend.
  75. Play store.
  76. Play grocery shopping.
  77. Play with all of the kitchen towels.
  78. Play with Tupperware.
  79. Play with Playdough.
  80. Pretend cook with real kitchen tools.
  81. Build with blocks.
  82. Build with Legos.
  83. Build with Magna-Tiles.
  84. Use a sensory bin.
  85. Play with stickers.
  86. Make letters with stickers.
  87. Make designs with stickers.
  88. Send a letter to grandma.
  89. Send a letter to a friend.
  90. Make a list of their favorite things at their current age.
  91. Read through their baby book.
  92. Finish their baby book together.
  93. Look through picture albums.
  94. Look at videos from when they were a baby.
  95. Facetime a loved one.
  96. Listen to podcasts.
  97. Listen to audiobooks.
  98. Read books together.
  99. Read magazines together.
  100. Watch a favorite show.
  101. Watch a cooking show.
  102. Watch nature videos.
  103. Watch and do kids yoga together.
  104. Put on a play.
  105. Put on a dance show.

toddler-playing-dress-upKids Activities to Do At Home

I love having this list of activities to do at home will help keep the kids entertained throughout the day when we’re at home. I love having this quick reference list to refer to whenever I run out of ideas!

free activities for kids download

Did I miss a favorite free activity for kids that you like to do? Please comment below to share it!


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