Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Ideas (Kid-Friendly!)

Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Ideas (Kid-Friendly!)


Have a delicious breakfast ready and waiting after the holiday morning fun with these make-ahead Christmas Breakfast Ideas. They’re easy to make and even easier to reheat…and check the boxes for being kid- and parent-approved.

make-ahead-christmas-featuredMake-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Ideas

I love a holiday morning when the normal rules go out the window—and the last thing I want is to be stuck in the kitchen cooking while the rest of the family is having fun. So these make-ahead breakfast ideas are perfect for a holiday and are great to make ahead of time! Each feels special and yet doesn’t require fancy or fussy ingredients or cooking methods.

Each can be made 1-3 days ahead (or a little longer depending on the holiday) and can simply be warmed through and served. Pair these with some cut up fruit, your coffee or tea, and have a happy morning with the family.

All of your favorite breakfast elements together in one little muffin, these savory egg muffins are festive and easy to make.

With simple ingredients, natural sweetness, and a super easy stir-together method, these healthy Cinnamon Muffins are a great breakfast for kids. They even have a Snickerdoodle-like topping!

Skip standing over the stove and bake up these yummy Eggnog French Toast Sticks in one fell swoop on a sheet pan. They make for a delicious family breakfast and they store well in the fridge or freezer for an easy-to-reheat holiday breakfast. (Not into Egg Nog? Here’s a Banana Baked French Toast option.)

This homemade granola is way easy and delicious to make, even if you have toddlers underfoot and calling for your attention. And it’s perfect with fruit and your favorite yogurt!

Stir together this wholesome Baked Oatmeal recipe before bed, pop it into the oven when you wake up, and you can sit down to a hearty bowl of oatmeal with the family without any standing by the stove and stirring!

The method is so quick and easy and the result is moist and full of pumpkin goodness. The chocolate chips are a nice touch too.

My mom has been making these fruit-studded muffins for years and they are a staple of our Christmas mornings. They freeze so well, which makes them an excellent candidate for a make-ahead Christmas breakfast.

Bake up healthy comfort food with this super easy and super delicious lower sugar Banana Bread. It’s so easy, so good, and is a perfect breakfast to share with the kids—adding a handful of chocolate chips is a fun way to make it even more festive!

These are easy to warm up and serve or you can prep the dry ingredients ahead and bake on a sheet pan!

I love to bake healthy treats to share with my kids and these Baked Mint Chocolate Donuts are a seasonal treat we’re loving right now! They are lower in added sugar than any frosted donut you’d buy at the store but taste so darn good. Plus: They’re so easy to make!

This classic breakfast casserole has sausage, eggs, cheese, and potatoes—and would be a hearty breakfast to make ahead and share with your hungry people come Christmas morning!

I’d love to hear what you make for Christmas breakfast or if you have feedback on any of these ideas so please comment below to share!


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