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Printable Valentine


Are you looking for a quick, easy, and cost-effective Valentine? Download my free printable Valentine cards and pair them with a pencil. This inexpensive Valentine is perfect for kids to gift friends and classmates.

Printable Valentine's for kids "Valentine, You're so sharp!" "Valentine, you're all right." "You're the write friend for me."

Are these actually a free printable Valentine cards?

Yes. They’re totally free.

I don’t even need you to give me your email address to unlock them or have you sign up for my newsletter (you are welcome to sign up for my newsletter, though, BTW. It’s just not needed to gain access to my printable Valentine’s).

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Printable Valentine's for kids and pencils: "Valentine, You're so sharp!" "Valentine, you're all right." "You're the write friend for me."

Supplies for Valentines

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Below are items I always have on hand at my house. In case you don’t or need a recommendation, here are some crafting items that make projects like this so much easier.

For the actual Valentine’s, I grabbed pencils from both Target and Amazon to see which looked better for photos in this post (hashtag behind the scenes) and how the quality was of each.

Both passed.

Here are links to Target and Amazon supplies, depending on which is easier for you. Oh! And don’t forget that the Dollar Store often has these items, too.

Striped pencils (pack of 12)

This 12-pack of pencils is adorable – and the erasers are the icing on the cake. These work so well in the printable Valentine’s.

Push pencils (pack of 16)

This is a 16-pack of push pencils themed for Valentine’s Day. My kids love getting these as gifts or prizes since it’s so different from the pencils we normally have at home.

How to assemble the printable Valentine cards

Step 1: I recommend printing the Valentine cards on card stock paper. It’s a better weight for craft project like these (which is why I always have a ream of it on hand).

Step 2: Cut out the Valentine’s (easy peasy).

Step 3: Add two hole punches (one above the text and one below the text). This is where you will stick the pencils. I ended up making two holes on the top and bottom so it was big enough for my pencils. See my photo for how I lined up my hole punches.

Step 4: Sign (or have your child sign) their name to the back of the card before assembling.

Step 5: Slide the pencil through the holes. Go slowly, twisting and turning the pencil. The paper may rip slightly around the hole (this happened to me a few times). I was cool with it because these are for kids not the Queen.

Step 6: Admire your adorable homemade Valentine’s.

Download the free printable Valentine cards

Click the image you want to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do kids have to give out Valentines?

Of course not! This is a bonus activity and mostly customary in United States schools. Handing out Valentine’s day cards is not a requirement.

How long does it take to make Valentine’s day cards?

These come together quickly in just a few minutes. Depending on your child and whether they will be writing their name on the back will also dictate the time. Tip: Have your child only write on 3-5 cards at a time. Take a break and do another set.

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