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smoothie cups in row on countertop.


Having a durable and easy-to-use smoothie cup to use at home or on the go is one of the best ways to enjoy more smoothies. And these cups—which range from glass and silicone, to stainless, and BPA-free plastic—are perfect for kids of all ages…and can fit all budgets.

smoothie cups in row on countertop.

Smoothie Cups

We drink a lot of smoothies in our house and over the years, we have tried all sorts of cups–with success and many spills!—and have narrowed down the list of our favorites to just a handful. These smoothie cups and pouches make it easy to serve smoothies to kids.

Due to the thickness of smoothies, I prefer a cup that’s a little different than what I’d suggest for a water bottle. The ones in this post were chosen for:

  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of use (so easy to suck from, not easy to spill)
  • Can double as storage containers if you have leftovers to keep in the fridge
  • Works with your child as they grow so it lasts for years

TIP: I do love the Lalo cup for water and other drinks, though the smaller size really only works for younger toddlers.

weesprout glass straw cup for smoothies

Glass Smoothie Cups

We’ve been using these new Wee Sprout Toddler Drinking Cups for a while now and I love their design. They are perfect for smoothies. The straw can’t be pulled out, if the cup falls over on its side, it’s slow to spill, and the straw thickness is perfect for a smoothie. They come in 8 ounces and 12 ounces, so you can choose the size that’s best for your child.

And they come with a flat lid, too, so you can use that to store the smoothie for a future serving.

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elk and friends stainless steel straw cup for smoothies

Stainless Smoothie Cups

The 10-ounce Elk and Friends Stainless Steel Cups are favorites for their durability and ease of cleaning, and I love the straw cup design. These help keep the smoothie cold and are easy for all ages to use. And the straw has a little stopper so the kids can’t pull it out of the top.

They also make an insulated 14-ounce option, too.

Plastic Smoothie Cups

If you prefer a plastic cup for your smoothie, this set from Home and Kind is a great option. They’re reusable and easy to clean—and sort of look like what you’d get from a fancy smoothie shop. (Which might make you happy!)

This set may not last as long as stainless or glass, but they are great for making smoothie packs to freeze the ingredients right in the cup, which might fit your needs just fine.

Yogurt drinks for toddler snack in various flavors in 5 containers with lids

Smoothie Meal Prep Containers

If I’m going to be meal prepping smoothies, I prefer to use the 8 ounce Wee Sprout Glass Jars. They have flat lids that seal tightly, so you can make your smoothies ahead and stash them in the fridge. (I use these jars for everything and find them to be incredibly useful.)

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Reusable Pouch for Smoothies

The Squeasy Gear Pouch is made from silicone and is easy to clean. It comes in a variety of sizes and has a design that makes it harder for kids to spill their smoothie on purpose. (It is fairly spill-resistant if it just falls over, too.) We’ve used this product for years and it remains one of my very top toddler must-haves.

Portable Smoothie Cups for Adults

While I actually use the 12 ounce Weesprout cup listed above, these are some other great options for adults (with larger volumes for larger smoothies).

Yeti 26-Ounce Straw Cup: This has the added benefit of keeping the smoothie super cold if you don’t get to drink it all at once because, say, you’re chasing the kids between sips.

Tranco 24-Ounce Glass Tumbler: This is glass and bamboo, very pretty, and a nice option for a smoothie at home or on the go.

Mason Jar Lids with Straw: Use a mason jar you already have fitted with this lid and straw for a smoothie ready to go anywhere.


Smoothie Recipes to Try

Once you have your smoothie cup, try it out with one of these kids smoothie recipes.

Favorite Healthy Toddler Smoothie (with Veggies!)

Learn to customize yummy smoothies for your toddler by starting with one simple recipe, then adjusting based on which fruit and veggies you’d like to use.

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Strawberry Smoothie with Yogurt

You can use fresh or frozen berries in this simple Strawberry Smoothie and the results will have a texture that is similar to drinkable yogurt. To make it thicker and to try different flavor options, see the Notes at the end of the recipe.

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Favorite Mango Smoothie Recipe

This fresh Mango Smoothie is thin enough to drink through a straw and thick enough to eat with a spoon. And of course, it’s super creamy!

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mango smoothie in cups lined up on counter
Easy Apple Smoothie

You can use any kind of apple in this recipe. It will taste best if your apples taste sweet. There’s a big range of flavors in apples, so just know the final flavor it connected to the flavor of the apples. Honeycrisp and Pink Lady are good options.

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Simple Green Smoothie

Frozen bananas give the smoothie a creamy, naturally sweet base, though you can make this with a fresh banana as long as the other fruit is frozen. It’s easy to add whatever berries or fruit you have on hand, so customize it for your kiddo. 

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Easy Watermelon Smoothie (Hydrating and Delish!)

Using frozen watermelon ensures a cold and creamy smoothie that blends easily in the blender. Plan to freeze the watermelon at least 6 hours before you want to make the smoothie.

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Best Chocolate Smoothie (with Veggies!)

Be sure to blend this super smooth for the best texture. Use any or none of the optional ingredients. See the Notes for how to make this with regular milk.

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Favorite Raspberry Smoothie, 6 Ways

Blend a handful of nutritious ingredients into a deliciously refreshing Raspberry Smoothie. With options to make this with banana or without, ways to add protein, and tips for storing leftovers, this post has everything you need to get started. See the Notes for variations.

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raspberry smoothies in three cups with yellow straws
Simple Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Frozen banana will create a slightly thicker smoothie, so if you plan to serve this through a straw, I recommend doing either frozen blueberries OR bananas, but not both. You can do all frozen fruit if you plan to serve it through a pouch or in an open cup—or if your child is used to drinking thick smoothies!

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Best Avocado Smoothie (3 ingredients!)

This makes two toddler-size servings or one serving for a hungrier smoothie-lover!

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Best Tips for Smoothie Cups

  • Look at the size of the cup when choosing to pick one that works for the typical volume your child drinks, though remember that may increase as they grow.
  • If your cup comes with a flat lid, use that for storing leftovers as it will help keep air out of the mixture, which can help it last a little longer.
  • Clean the cup after each using, using the straw brush that came with the set.
  • Let the kids help choose which color of smoothie they want and even to add the ingredients to the blender. That may help them be more interested in drinking it.
  • Choose an insulated smoothie cup if you’ll often be taking them out of the house for extended periods of time.

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