The Ultimate Summer Activity

The Ultimate Summer Activity


Need an easy outdoor activity? Try a pom pom water table.

This. This right here is one of the most fun activities we’ve ever done in our water table. That means a lot because we’ve done some pretty cool things in that table but this pom pom water table? It might just take the cake.

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Kids playing with wet pom pom balls in a sensory bin

Wait. How does this pom pom water table work?

I know. A pom pom water table sounds a little bit out there because “Can pom pom balls get wet?”

I had long lived under the impression that pom poms absolutely could not get wet… or rather, could get wet but would never recover.

Turns out: they absolutely can get wet (I learned this trick from Mandisa at Happy Toddler Playtime).

Kids playing with wet pom pom balls in a sensory bin

Pom pom balls can get wet, dry off, and be played with again. There is life for a pom pom ball after it is soaked.

I’m at a point in my life where learning that pom pom balls can get wet and still be used again is really exciting news.

Kids playing with wet pom pom balls in a sensory bin

How do you actually dry pom pom balls?

It’s really easy….

  • When the activity is over, scoop all the pom pom balls into a colander to separate them from the water.
  • Push down on the pom pom balls a little to let more water seep out of them.
  • Place the pom poms into a pillow case or garment bag and knot it closed.
  • Put the pillow case containing the pom poms in the dryer.

You may need to run them through the dryer twice to get them completely dry.

Kids playing with wet pom pom balls in a sensory bin

Here’s how my kids are playing at their pom pom water table

This was such a hit for my kids (3 and 5 here).

I dumped my bag of pom pom balls right into the water table and started filling it. From inside my house, I grabbed scoops, mini colanders, a masher and an ice cube tray.

Kids playing with wet pom pom balls in a sensory bin

Need the supplies for this activity?

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My son figured out how to scoop and pour the pom pom mixture pretty quickly.

My daughter was busy separating our red pom pom balls into a raspberry only salad.

This is the kind of magical independent play that so much of learning is based on.

Kids playing with wet pom pom balls in a sensory bin

Why is a pom pom water table such a the perfect outdoor activity?

I’m so glad you asked (jk) – I’d love to tell you.

This outdoor water table features a lot of the goodness that kids are looking for in a play set up. It’s a double sensory experience (water + pom pom balls) and it’s outside in nature (being outside is so important to child development).

There’s also the added bonus of so many skills being built:

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Cause and effect
  • Cooperation (if working with another child)
  • Science properties (solids, liquids, floating, sinking)

Creating a pom pom water table was the perfect outdoor activity

My kids had a ball (pun totally intended) playing with this activity and making so much fun (and mischief) with their wet pom poms.

I’m so glad these pom poms can be washed and dried…because I can’t imagine a summer without these wet poms.

Looking for an amazing outdoor activity for kids? Try this Pom Pom Water Table. It's the perfect summer activity for all kids - a great way to promote independent play this summer from Busy Toddler.

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