30 Easy Summer Meals for June

june meal plan images in grid of 6


Make it easier on yourself to feed your family this month with my new family meal plan for June. It has 30 easy summer meals on a budget, plus ideas for breakfast, snacks, and lunches…all parent and kid approved.

june meal plan images in grid of 6

Summer Meals on a Budget

With fresh seasonal produce starting to become more available across the country, this is a perfect time of year to make the most of your food dollars. You should start to see lower prices on seasonal produce, more options for locally grown foods, and lots of delicious ingredients to turn into meals.

But since I also know you don’t want to spend all day cooking, these meals use that ripe produce in easy recipes for everyone at the table. And to be honest, my goal in sharing these ideas for family meals for June is just that, to give you ideas.

I know that things come up, plans change, we get tired of cooking, or we’re in the mood for something else. So use these ideas as inspiration however best works for your life right now. It’s all good!

TIP: Find meal planning templates, easy meal and snack idea check lists and more freebies in my Resource Library.

Easy Family Meal Plans

As a mom to three kids, I know firsthand how much it helps my own sanity to have a plan in place for what the heck we’re going to eat each week. I’m not super strict with my meal plan, but I’ve found that mapping out the week (or the month) really does help me to serve a variety of foods.

And it helps me to make the most of the ingredients I have on hand (especially in the pantry and freezer) and stay motivated to cook.

Because when I make more decisions ahead of time all at once, I have less to make in the moment. Which just seems so much easier for my brain to handle when my kids are starving at 5:15pm!

june week 1 meal plan grid of images

June Week 1

For the first week of the month, you’ll start to see that I use the idea of themes when planning dinners. So from Sunday to Saturday the themes are sandwiches, salad, Mexican, pasta, breakfast for dinner, snack dinner or pizza, and skillet or sheet pan meals. This makes it much easier for me to fill in recipes since I’m starting with some boundaries in place!

I like to make 1-2 homemade recipes for breakfast and snacks each week and fill in with easy foods like cereal, yogurt, mac and cheese. and sandwiches.

Breakfast Ideas Lunch, and Snack Ideas

Easy Snacks

Lunch Ideas


June meal plan week 2 images

June Week 2

Whenever you want to round out a main dish, think easy sides like fresh fruit or canned fruit, sliced cucumbers or fresh snap peas, or even sliced cheese or bread. The goal in my house is to always have 1-2 foods on the table that the kids usually like so that they always have something to eat—and I’m not getting up to make another meal.

(And if they don’t eat much, I can reasonably assume they just aren’t very hungry.)

Breakfast Ideas

Easy Snacks

Lunch Ideas


June week 3 meal plan images

June Week 3

If there’s ever a week when you feel like relying on staples you know everyone likes, do that! There’s no reason that you can’t repeat meals more than I have in this meal plan and routine at meal times is often very comforting to kids.

I like to keep some general recipe ideas (like pasta and tacos) and vary them a little to continue exposing the kids to a variety of foods.

Breakfast Ideas

Easy Snacks

Lunch Ideas


june week 4 meal plan images

June Week 4

Breakfast for dinner is almost always a hit in my house and I’ve found that a carton of eggs is one of the most handy items I can keep on hand in my fridge. We’ve been loving these Breakfast Burritos lately!

Breakfast Ideas

Snack Recipes

Easy Lunches


Desserts to Try this Month


How to Make Meal Planning Easier

Make feeding your family less work—physically and mentally—with my complete system. My Happy Family Meals ebook includes 4 weeks of EASY recipes for every meal of the day.

It also includes calendars, grocery lists, and one meal each week that makes enough to be repurposed into a second meal the following week. Which means it’s done all of the thinking for you to make the whole process easier for you.

During the first two weeks I used this system, I cut my grocery bill in half. And I never had to go back to the store since I had everything I needed!

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