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The 25+ Best Fall Activities for Kids: Image shows 8 activities for kids to try in fall (put together by Busy Toddler)


Looking for some fall activities for kids? Check out this list of 25+ easy, fun fall-themed ideas that work well for all kid-ages. Remember: fall doesn’t have to mean expensive bucket lists and Pinterest plans. Simple activities at home make fall come to life.

The 25+ Best Fall Activities for Kids: Image shows 8 activities for kids to try in fall (put together by Busy Toddler)

What are the best fall activities for kids?

Fall is magical.

Fall on Pinterest, however, is magical and expensive.

Fall on social media, oh my goodness, is magical and expensive and a lot to keep up with.

What if, instead, we made fall a little more home-grown, budget-friendly, but still just as magical for kids?

Yes – lets do that with this list of fall activities for kids.

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What is a favorite fall activity for kids?

The best fall activities for kids are ones that you have the supplies for, that take only a few moments to set up, and that let your kids play long enough for you to have a cup of mostly hot coffee.

Good fall activities can do that.

Good fall activities can be a catalyst for kid play.

Good fall activities can bring the season to life for your child, and help them experience fall in a deeply meaningful way.

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25+ best fall activities

In no particular order, here are 25+ fantastic fall activity ideas from play dough to sensory to games to scavenger hunts: this list has it all.

Remember: fall activities are not a requirement. They’re a fun bonus or something extra if you feel like you can handle it or want to take it on.

Your kids may still go to Harvard someday whether or not they did a fall activity in their childhood.

Clean the Pumpkins

This activity is on repeat at our house and has been for years. No matter if my kids are toddlers and 10 years old, washing pumpkins is a tradition they love.

Dancing Apple Seeds

We love a baking soda and vinegar activity here and this one does not disappoint. Easy to put together, uses things at home, and makes the kids laugh as they watch the reactions.

Pumpkin Oobleck

This not-quite-solid but not-quite-liquid substance is so fun to play with. Add some pumpkins to the mix and have kids observe how it drips down. Best part is, when your done it cleans up quickly with just water.

Apple Washing Sensory

Don’t sleep on this activity: it’s simple, but brilliant. Let kids wash apples in this “up close” fall science and sensory moment.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes it is hard to get our kids to go outside when we want but give them a game or a seek and find mission and they are out the door. There is a bit of prep as you do need to print this out ahead of time but 100% worth it

Clean the Muddy Pumpkins

Go one step further with cleaning pumpkins: let kids roll them in mud first. This messy to clean sensory bin is perfect for outdoor fall play.

Fall Leaf Number Movement Game

Like any great game, there are multiple ways you could play this and modify it. Cutting leaves from paper is super easy, and this activity will serve you well for many days.

Bobbing for Apples

This new take on a classic fall game is so fun for littles. Kids can practice their pincer grip, hand eye coordination, color recognition, and you could even do a little science by asking, “Do the apples sink or float? Why?”

Pumpkin Geoboards

It’s a toss up if your kids will enjoy putting the push pins/golf tees in or using rubber bands to make silly shapes. Both fine and gross motor skills are practiced here as well as kids can explore making 3D shapes and patterns.

Apple Tree Counting

This number recognition activity is great for kids to practice one-to-one correspondence and would be easy to extend for older kids. Also, getting to use an eyedropper is always a win for kids.

Scarecrow Letter Patches

A simple activity that can be used over and over again. Try it with letter names, letter sounds, numbers, addition sums, fall themed words, family names, etc.

Drip Paint Pumpkins

This is an activity that kids will return to 100 times in one day. It’s messy, gooey, and they love it all! Best part is, when they are “done” rinse off the pumpkin and start over again.

Apple Foam Bath

Have you made foam yet for your kids to play in? Do it now and have them start washing everything! This use of foam and apples is a sensory dream for littles.

SIMPLE FALL TREE: Create an easy toddler fall art project using cotton rounds; quick art activity for toddlers; fall art project; indoor toddler activity

Easy Fall Tree Art

This easy-peasy art activity lets kids paint a fall tree using cotton rounds or cotton balls. It’s a fun art project and a sweet take on painting (this photo is of my then 3-year-old’s final product).

Acorn Alphabet Matching Game

Grab some fall cut outs from the Dollar store and make this activity (and save it for next year). Kids love matching games and this puts a fun twist on learning letter names and sounds.

Fall Sensory Bag

By mixing a little gel and leaf cut outs, you’ll create this super fun and tactile experience for your child. Think sensory bin on the go.

Fall Nature Puzzle

This nature inspired puzzle ticks so many boxes-gets kids outside to explore, works on fine motor skills, and practices their matching skills. Win…Win…Win!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Play Dough

Fall play dough made to smell like the season – this is a great way to explore fall with senses.

Apple Stamping

Create a fun (and memorable) art experience to ring in the fall season. Letting kids explore a cut up apple and then create a gorgeous print from it is absolutely perfect.

Fall Threading Tree

These little trees are great for practicing pincer grasp and hand eye coordination. Increase the complexity by having your child make patterns on each branch or complete patterns you have started.

Salt Crystal Leaves

These are so beautiful! The finished product is just as amazing as the process is to make them. Perfect for littles and big kids to enjoy.

Fall Nature Bottle

Sensory bottles are great for many reasons and this take on a fall version is equal parts relaxing and beautiful – both to build it and to enjoy it.

Leaf Name Activity

Using cutting skills and leaves found outside, your kids can make this fun name collage. The different colored leaves add fun color variation and since it is on the larger side, it’s easy for kids to trace with the glue and place the leaves.

Pine Cone Science Experiment

Do you know why pine cones open and close? This is a fantastic science + fall activity that your kids will remember.

Pumpkin Guts Slime

Remember to save your pumpkin seeds! If you are down for a mess, this pumpkin guts slime might be right for you. The recipe calls for adding seeds to the traditional slime recipe for some fall infused fun.

Apple Sensory Bin

Dyed chickpeas make the best sensory bin – and making the beans red, yellow, and green turns them into tiny “apples.” These are as easy to make as rainbow rice and just as awesome for kid play.

Tree and Leaf Matching Game

It’s an outside version of I-Spy using a child’s whole body. Collect a few leaves ahead of time and then set off to find the tree that matches. Now that’s a great way to make it to nap time.

Fall Pine Cone Toss

The pine cones are starting to fall and are everywhere it seems! This is a fun way to use them while also sneaking in a little learning and strategy. When you’re done, use the pine cones in one of the many activities above and you have a 2 in one supply.

Frequently Asked Question

Why set-up fall kids activities?

I chose to set up fall activities when my kids were little as a way of introducing them to the new season. So much changes where we live in the fall and I wanted to give them context, vocabulary, and experiences with theses changes. Activities were the driving force for that learning and made it easy for my kids to engage with the new season.

Are fall activities required?

Goodness no! Fall activities are a fun bonus for kids to try if their grown up feels like it. Fall activities for kids are not required.

Where do you find fall activity supplies?

In most activities, supplies for fall activities are the same as ones used in day-to-day activities. HOWEVER I also recommend visiting the local dollar store or Target dollar section to see what gems may be available for cheap.

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