15 Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

15 Best Bath Toys for Toddlers


What are the best bath toys for kids? Bath toys are a shockingly important part to the bath time equations but which toys are the most beloved? This list, compiled from 10 years of at home data, has the bath time answers.

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Do kids need bath toys?

Yes but hear me out.

There should be some sort of toy or toy option for kids in a bathing situation.

This gives kids something to focus on while they’re cleaned and it gives them a bit more incentive to stay in the calming waters. Or in the case of my kids, time to really let the dirt soak like they’re casseroles overnight in a kitchen sink.

Having the “right” bath toys can make all the differences, BUT good bath toys don’t need to be expensive and could just be cups and bowls from your home.

For my family, we always have a dedicated set of bath time only toys. And my collection is so good, even my 10 year old will stop for a bath just to play a while.

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Bath time accessories to consider

Along with bath toys, four “accessories” for bath time have stood the test of time for my kids. These aren’t toys but they also are items that make our bath time function better and I can’t in good conscious write this post without adding them.

Toy Organizer

I tried every toy organizer in my quest to find something that: drained the water, didn’t fall of the wall, actually held a decent amount, and was well made. That’s what this organize is: well made, drains the water, holds the toys, has lasted years. This is the only organizer I recommend.

Color My Bath

Coloring the water at bath time is a game changer. I don’t do this every night but we do it when we need a pick me up. These tablets are made to be used in the bath tub.

Spout Cover

It’s adorable and functional. Is it 100% necessary? No. Does it feel that way after your child smacks their head into the spout? Yes.


I was given this as a baby shower gift in 2013. Ten years later, this is still the rinser we own. It’s never molded. Never broken. The kids use it for play. I use it to help with washing. It’s a simple gem.

A curated set of the best bath toys for kids

I know that bath time can be hit or miss with kids.

I equally know that bath toys can be hit or miss. Not all bath toys are created equally which is why everything on my list is something my family has owned and loved.

I never add items to my toy lists that I have tested with my own hands. Reviews online don’t give the full picture of a product. Using them with my kids lets me recommend items without hesitation.

Do you have bath toys on your gift wish list?

Bath toys aren’t the only thing that can make baths amazing – the right bath time activities can do the trick too. I have (roughly) a million and a half toddler bath time ideas if you’re interested.

They make bathing so much fun.

The job of toys in the tub is to invite creativity, imagination, and a chance for us to get the grime rinsed off those toddlers. Having awesome toys in the tub is worth their weight in gold to keep my kids smelling nice.

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Best bath toys for kids revealed

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Pipe Toy

Cannot recommend this enough and the photo will never do it justice. This simple toy (the price is incredible) does not use batteries. Water added to the funnel flow through the pipes and valves change the pathway. The little shower part is my favorite.


These little boats are adorable and have lasted years. They also connect into a boat “train.” Such a sweet little bath toy.

No Holes Toys

Kids love this “rubber duck” style toy in the bath but the holes make them mold breaders. Try these instead. There are no holes, just awesome dinosaurs wanting to have a fun bath.

Spinning Shower Toy

This was a first birthday gift for my 3rd born and it became an instant sensation for all ages. This does require batteries to draw water up the spout to turn on the shower feature.

Octopus Ring Toss

An absolute bath time joy. The octopus floats and kids can toss rings onto the 8 tentacles. It’s such a good bath toy that we’ve owned for years.

Spinning Waterfall

10/10 for babies and toddlers: this suction wheel is enchanting. Move it around the tub to where you need it and let kids explore cause and effect at an early age.

Stack and Pour Buckets

A bath toy staple: the stack and pour buckets. This is the version we have and love. Not only are they adorable (so cute to gift) but they’re fun for ages 1 – 10.

Ferry Boat

The GOAT. What a good bath toy – I’m not overselling this. This is also what I often gift for a 2nd birthday: it’s fun out of the bath, in the bath, outside, or inside. It’s a winner.

Foam Letters

These letters are how my oldest learned his ABCs. I have no question about that. Playing with these in the bath helped him learn the ABCs in a fun and playful way that was low key and fun. “What’s this one?” “What does this one say?” And he picked it up.

Shark Toy

This toy has always made my kids giggle and they find so many uses for it. The shark “eats” the fish. It also eats a lot of other toys in our tub and tiny toes (wink).

Fishing Game

Going to fish in the bath tub is kind of epic and this has been our favorite set. The cool part is this can work with other water-safe magnetic toys (like alphabet magnets) that you may have.

Bath Ball Ramps

Ramps, water wheel, balls. This has been my almost 7 year old’s favorite bath toy for many many years. The reviews for this toy on Amazon are not as high as I would expect. We really love this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do kids stop playing with bath toys?

When they decide to. Please don’t arbitrarily decide that your child is “done” with bath toys. Observe the child. If they are no longer playing with any bath toys ever and doing that on a consistent basis, then the bath toy phase might be done. I have an 8 and 10 year old. When they take baths, they still play with toys.

How many bath toys do kids need?

That’s going to be a subjective question that differs based on family, budget, and size of space. Number of kids also is a factor because more kids in the tub will naturally mean more toys are needed. I’d start with 3 options and grow a collection from there. Don’t overwhelm or go overboard. Start with a few toys and add on through the years.

Are bath toys a good gift?

YES! In fact, bath toys are my favorite gift for a first or second birthday. By the first birthday, kids are ready for a lot of the bath toys. By the second birthday, they’re ready for a refresh. It’s a great gift to give.

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