Season 10 Podcast: Eating and Feeding

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’


In the tenth season of the podcast, our cohosts, Mackenzie Johnson and Dr. Lyndi Buckingham-Schutt, explore research and reality on all things kids and food. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode.

S10: Ep. 1Kids & Food: Why We Eat What We Eat
When it comes to food, so many factors influence what we (and our kids) eat. Come explore those influences and meet a new face on the podcast!

S10: Ep. 2 What I Bring to the Table: Feeding Styles
Which feeding style do you bring to the table? Listen to hear about the four styles. Plus, learn one of our cohost’s favorite food strategies!

S10: Ep. 3 – Food Parenting Practices
We may have strong beliefs and values around food and our kids, but what we actually do and say has the most impact. In this episode, you’ll hear practical strategies for raising a healthy and independent eater.

S10: Ep. 4 – A Taste of Temperament
By now you’ve heard our hosts tell you that everyone has a natural temperament, come explore how your child’s may be influencing how they eat!

S10: Ep. 5 – Feeding in the First 1000 Days
Your child’s first 1000 days of their life are a great opportunity to establish their eating habits. Listen in to learn why this time is so important and hear strategies for making the most of this important time!

S10: Ep. 6 – Feeding & Eating with Kids
As children transition into school, the family lifestyle can shift, which means eating can change too! In this episode, you’ll learn about specific developmental changes that impact our kids’ eating habits and what you can do to support healthful eating at this age.

S10: Ep. 7 – Feeding & Eating with Teens
Parents of teens are sometimes asking, “how do I get them to eat enough, but not too much?” Well, it turns out that is a layered question! With so much development in this age group, there is a lot to take in. Hear all the insights, strategies, and recommendations in today’s episode.

S10: Ep. 8 – Perservering Through Picky Eating
If you are dealing with picky eating, you know the struggle is real. But you might be asking “Why?” and “What can I do?”. Get research-based answers and reality-centered solutions in today’s episode!

S10: Ep. 9 – Final Thoughts on Food & Feeding
In the last episode of the season, the cohosts revisit some highlights of this season and share more tips and insight for raising our kids to be healthy and independent eaters.

BONUSBaby-Led Weaning or Spoon-Feeding
Baby-Led Weaning is an infant feeding method that’s been getting more attention in recent years, but some parents are wondering if there is science to support it. In this episode, our special guest cohost will help us explore the research and reality on this infant feeding approach!

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Mackenzie Johnson

Parent to a little one with her own quirks. Celebrator of the concept of raising kids “from scratch”. Learner and lover of the parent-child relationship. Translator of research with a dose of reality. Certified Family Life Educator.

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