Favorite Peanut Puffs

Peanut puffs in multiple bowls on countertop.


Peanut puffs are a favorite snack for kids (and adults!) and are both delicious and an easy way to serve nuts to kids safely. Here are the very best ones.

Peanut puffs in multiple bowls on countertop.

Peanut Puffs

Some days, nothing hits like the crunch and subtle savory flavor of a peanut puff and, for that reason, they are a very favorite store-bought snack. I love that they are safe for little kids to eat from a texture perspective (as opposed to crunchier, harder chips and tortilla chips which can be a choking hazard).

They’re also an easy way to offer and introduce peanuts to babies and toddlers, which is important to do soon after starting solids as a way to help lower the rates of food allergies.

Peanut puffs come in all types of flavors now and a few different sizes, so I’ll go through what to look for when choosing one and which type is best for which age if serving to kids.

For adults, you go with the flavor of peanut puff that speaks to your heart, whether that’s chocolate or classic. And do yourself a favor by buying lots to ensure you get to have enough!

Peanut Puffs for Baby, 6 Months

For a 6-month-old baby, you can start offering longer-shape peanut puffs. This shape makes them easy for baby to pick up and hold in their hands to feed themselves. This type of baby puff is great to include as a baby-led weaning food and is an easy early baby snack to keep on hand.

There are peanut butter puffs of this shape intended just for babies, which usually means they have lower amounts of sodium, and also normal peanut puffs that any age can enjoy. The common brands include:


Peanut Puffs for Baby, 9 Months

Once baby is 9 months old, or develops their pincer grasp and can pick up smaller pieces of finger food with their fingers, it’s time to move to smaller pieces of food if you were doing baby-led weaning. Or you can start introducing this smaller-size food if you’re moving on from purees.

At this age, you can continue to offer longer puffs, but the classic baby puff is a perfect choice, too. Look for peanut puffs in a range of flavors and nut types from Mission MightyMe. They make:

Toddler snack cups filled with various snacks.

Peanut Puffs for Big Kids and Adults

For older kids and adults, I love the following peanut puffs:

Bamba: These are great for any age!

Puffworks: They make a variety pack with flavors including Original, Honey Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Where to Buy

You should be able to buy one type or more of peanut puffs at any grocery store or big-box store such as Walmart or Target. You can look in the snacks aisle and the baby food aisles to see your options. And the links throughout this post will bring you to online ordering options, too.

(Online ordering may come with a discount on quantities or with a subscribe and save option, so check that out to see if it helps with cost.)

Snack Ideas to Try

You can serve peanut puffs on their own as a simple snack, or pair them with any of the foods below to be a little more substantial:

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