Easter Alphabet Activity – Busy Toddler

Easter Alphabet Activity - Busy Toddler


One of the best Easter activities you can do: play the Easter Alphabet Activity. This activity involves hunting for Easter eggs and matching hidden letters. It has everything – and my kids have been obsessed with this activity for five Easters.

A child places a letter B alphabet magnet on a cookie sheet. Broken Easter eggs are scattered around.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to put away the plastic eggs after Easter is over. This activity was so much fun, I actually can’t see my kids letting go of these eggs.

After all, they literally lost their minds for this Easter Alphabet Activity.

This will go down as one of the best alphabet activities, best Easter activities, best indoor activity we have ever done.

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A child places a letter A alphabet magnet on a cookie sheet that's covered in construction paper and other letters. Broken Easter eggs are scattered around.


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Just a few basic supplies is all you need for this activity.

If magnets are not a safe option at your house, consider trying this activity with Banagrams or Scrabble pieces.

A letter F sits inside half a plastic Easter eggs. Other eggs are in the background.

The set-up

Like I said in my introduction which I know you read and didn’t in anyway skim (wink), I’ve been setting this activity up for my kids for the last 5 Easters.

Step 1: Write the alphabet

Option 1: If you have a smooth cookie sheet, you can write directly on it with permanent marker (without ruining it). That’s what I used to do for this activity. I wrote the letters onto the cookie sheet.

Option 2: If you don’t want to trust the lady on the Internet about permanent markers and cookie sheets OR your cookie sheet is bumpy, write the letters on construction paper and tape it to the cookie sheet.

A child places a letter J alphabet magnet on a cookie sheet covered in pink construction paper. Broken Easter eggs are scattered around.

Step 2: Prep the Easter Eggs

This part does take a few minutes BUT when you see how happy it makes the kids and how much fun they have… this part will be worth it.

Place the alphabet magnets into the Easter eggs. They should fit good enough.

I did this the first time and after that, even my then 4 year old was able to help “stuff the eggs.”

Step 3: Hide the eggs

Hide the Easter eggs around the house and let your kids find them. This has an added bonus of being excellent training for traditional Easter egg hunting.

A child places a letter V alphabet magnet on a cookie sheet. Broken Easter eggs are scattered around.

How my kids played with the Easter Alphabet Activity

I sent my kids off to find the eggs (the first year when they were 27 months old and almost 4 years old).

They’d come back, crack the eggs open, find the magnet and match it to the same letter on the cookie sheet.

Now, my kids are almost 10, 8, and 6. They still play this Easter activity and it’s a yearly tradition.

Once they finish finding all the eggs, they help me reload them and we play again.

And again. And again. There is something so magical about this activity.

Easter Alphabet Activity: These alphabet filled Easter eggs make for one awesome toddler Easter activity. You will love this easy toddler activity from the A Very Toddler Easter series. A great toddler literacy activity.
My cookie sheet post-hand sanitizer cleaning! Good as “new”.

Tip – How to remove marker from the cookie sheet

If you chose to write the alphabet on your cookie sheet, here’s how to remove that:


The alcohol in hand sanitizer erases Sharpie marker. Is your jaw on the floor?

Obviously, this won’t work on carpet or furniture, but it works on slick surfaces like cookie sheets (or classroom desks which is where I learned this trick).

You want to use something “scrubby” to get the marker off – like the green rough side of a sponge.

Definitely test this out on the back of your cookie sheet just to be safe, but I think you’ll be as mesmerized as my kids were.

A child places an alphabet magnet on a cookie sheet covered in pink paper with letters. Broken Easter eggs are scattered around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this activity for?

Depends on the child and their interest in the alphabet. Kids learn letters on a spectrum from age 2 to 6. Your child may be interested in this activity at age 2 or not until kindergarten. The range here is very big.

What should I do if my toddler doesn’t know the alphabet?

Read my post on children learning the alphabet. The short answer: you don’t need to worry if your toddler hasn’t learned the ABCs.

Are magnet safe?

Nope – magnets are not safe if you have a child in the house who puts things in their mouth still. If that’s the case, try scrabble tiles for this activity instead or piece of paper with letter names written on it.

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