Season 9 Podcast: Regulation

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’


Lies, and tantrums, and bad attitudes, oh my! When kids have challenging behaviors, it might be that they need help learning to regulate! Helping our children learn to manage and regulate themselves is a big task for parents. These episodes explain the concept of self-regulation, explore contributing factors, and hone in on strategies to help you along the way.

In the ninth season of the podcast, our cohosts, Lori and Mackenzie, explore research and reality on helping children regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode.

S9: Ep. 1 – What is Self-Regulation?
In this season opener, the cohosts dive into the topic of regulation and three different kinds of it. Plus, they discuss a crucial strategy for helping our kids regulate themselves.

S9: Ep. 2 – I’m The Adult Here: My Regulation
In this week’s episode, we examine and reflect on our parenting role when it comes to regulation, self-control, and big feelings. We also look at a common wellness strategy applied specifically to parenting!

S9: Ep. 3 – Regulation in Stages
Does regulation look the same for kids of different ages? What exactly are kids “regulating” toward? Parents of toddlers intervene HOW OFTEN to manage behavior? Get all these answers in this week’s episode!

S9: Ep. 4 – Tuning In With Temperament
Why does one of my kids gravitate toward tranquility while another gravitates toward tantrums? Because temperament. This week, the cohosts look at temperament traits, their influence on kids’ regulation tendencies, and practical strategies to help kids with any trait.

S9: Ep. 5 – Establishing the Environment
Do you wish your home was more peaceful? Us too. This week, you might be surprised by some of the strategies for establishing a home environment that encourages kids and adults to practice self-regulation. 

S9: Ep. 6 – Relationships and Regulation
Have you heard of attachment theory? This week we will explore what it is (and what it’s not) and the role that our parent-child relationship has in regulation.

S9: Ep. 7 – All About Regulation
In the season finale, the cohosts give the run-down on key concepts and light bulb moments from the episodes on regulation. Plus, stick around until the end to hear a huge list of parenting strategies to add to your toolbox!

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