How to Soothe a Kids Sore Throat



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With illnesses and viruses going around, I know many of us are looking for ways to soothe kids sore throats—whether scratchy, raw, or just painful swallowing. And while there aren’t a ton of medicines that can help little kids, these options may offer some relief.


Kids Sore Throats

A sore throat could be a sign of a range of illnesses, so always check in with your health care provider for guidance on over the counter or prescription medications. Then, consider these straight forward ways to offer some relief. The relief may not be long lasting, but small offerings throughout the day can increase comfort.

And sometimes that’s really all we can do and all that matters. (See also lots of snuggles.)

Remember that when kids aren’t feeling well, they often don’t have their normal appetite. So have patience if they aren’t eating much or what they usually like. Focus on hydration and your pediatrician’s advice for overall health.


Smoothie Popsicle

Freeze any smoothie into a popsicle mold—or use this simple green smoothie pop recipe—for nutrition and cold relief.

Green Smoothie Freezer Pops

If you want to make more pops, simply double the recipe! If you have a toddler who’s super sensitive to textures, use mango instead of kiwi for extra creamy results.

Get the recipe.

mango popsicles on white plate

Mango Popsicle

Blend up two super simple ingredients into the most soothing popsicles for kids.

Easy Mango Popsicles (2-Ingredients!)

Make these in your preferred popsicle mold or you can even serve it immediately out of the blender as a smoothie.

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mango-popsicles on white plate

Fresh Creamsicles

Pack a pop with Vitamin C and probiotics with this creamy homemade creamsicle.

Creamsicle Popsicles (3-Ingredients!)

Make these freezer pops for a sweet snack or dessert. They’re loaded with probiotics and Vitamin C and taste super fresh.

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Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blend frozen berries with banana for a classic nutrient-rich smoothie. Even a few spoonfuls or sips may help their throat feel a little better.

Simple Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Frozen banana will create a slightly thicker smoothie, so if you plan to serve this through a straw, I recommend doing either frozen blueberries OR bananas, but not both. You can do all frozen fruit if you plan to serve it through a pouch or in an open cup—or if your child is used to drinking thick smoothies!

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Simple Green Smoothie

Keeping things simple is my favorite tip when it comes to smoothies and this one is a great option for kids (when healthy or sick).

Simple Green Smoothie

Frozen bananas give the smoothie a creamy, naturally sweet base, though you can make this with a fresh banana as long as the other fruit is frozen. It’s easy to add whatever berries or fruit you have on hand, so customize it for your kiddo. 

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Watermelon Juice

Fresh melon juice is packed with Vitamin C and is really easy to make in minutes—no juicer required.

Easiest Watermelon Juice (to Share with the Kids)

This is a perfect way to use up some of a giant watermelon and is also a wonderful way to help the kids stay hydrated in the warmer months. You can scale the recipe up or down to make more or less as you like.

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Watermelon Sorbet

Transform fresh fruit into a really refreshing and soothing sorbet. No fancy equipment needed.

Fresh Watermelon Sorbet

Transform fresh watermelon into the most refreshing sorbet with one simple technique. It’s a great dessert or hydration strategy to share with the kids!

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homemade fruit slushie with berries

Fruit Slushie

Blending frozen fruit (almost any kind works) with a little juice or water makes a really delicious and soothing slushie.

Easy Fruit Slushie (4 Flavors!)

Made with just two simple ingredients, these fruit slushies are super delicious and refreshing. They’re a great drink for warm days! Plan to freeze the apple slices, grapes, and watermelon cubes the day before (or at least in the morning) you plan to make these.

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homemade fruit slushie with berries

Avocado Pudding

With healthy fats and flavor, this creamy pudding is easy to eat and satisfying to kids who might not be in the mood for much food.

Quick and Easy Chocolate Avocado Pudding

This is best on the day you make it, though you can store it in the fridge for 24 hours in an airtight container. If any liquid separates out, simply stir it up.

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chocolate avocado pudding in pink cup

Chia Pudding

Stir together a few ingredients for an easy-to-eat pudding packed with nutrients and a soothing texture.

Favorite Coconut Chia Pudding

I like to use canned full-fat coconut milk for the best flavor and creamy texture, though you can use “light” coconut milk if that’s what you can find at your store.

Get the recipe.

orange-fruit-snacks on teal tea towel

Orange-Honey Fruit Snacks

Make a batch of homemade fruit snacks in a few minutes with this simple Vitamin C-packed recipe.

Orange-Honey Fruit Snacks

These take at least an hour or two to set in the fridge, so plan to make them a little in advance of when you want to serve them.

Get the recipe.

homemade fruit snacks
lolleez throat soothing pops


Flat lollipops and the special ones from Lolleez Throat Pops, can help sore throats by coating them to reduce the rawness. (Flat ones are safer than round ones, generally speaking. Make sure the kids are sitting down while eating. Do not give kids under age 4 or 5 classic cough drops as they are a choking hazard.)

Honey Tea

Stir a little honey into warm water, with a little lemon juice or not, to make a simple tea for kids over age 1. (Do not give honey to babies under age 12 months.)


Fruit juice or vegetable juice, whether full strength or a little watered down, can be a nice way to offer hydration and throat soothing.

Best Tips for Soothing Kids Sore Throats

  • Check with your child’s health care provider for advice on medication.
  • Offer cold foods or drinks, such as popsicles, smoothies, juice, or puddings.
  • Offer frozen popsicles or slushies to help soothe.
  • Remember that appetite may decrease or vary while a kid is under the weather—and may continue a little after.
  • Offer lots of comfort and snuggles as you can.
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