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little spoon smoothies on counter


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Little Spoon, the baby and kid’s healthy mealtime and snack time delivery company, has just released a new product that my kids have been loving. These Smoothies come in a handful of delicious flavors that are perfect for on-the-go or packable snacking.

little spoon smoothies on counter

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Little Spoon

Little Spoon is known for its baby food and toddler food meal deliveries—which includes baby food and finger foods meals for toddlers and big kids. We got to try out their new line of Smoothies and they have been so helpful as quick snacks (and lunch components) in our current phase of super busy life.

Little Spoon Smoothies

The Smoothies are all 100% organic and made with a nondairy base, which makes them great for babies under 12 months who aren’t quite ready for cow’s milk yet. Each has organic fruits, veggies, and other nutritious ingredients such as chia seeds, flax, chickpeas, and more.

The flavors taste like the ingredients—which is to say that the Strawberry Banana Shake flavor tastes exactly like you’d expect, which I love because it means they taste just like homemade. (Only you don’t actually have to make them.)

I love these pouches as a convenient option when I don’t have time to make a smoothie from scratch…especially if we’re running out the door to play or I’m packing lunches last minute.

opened little spoon smoothies

What Makes Them Different

The Smoothies come in a pouch, chilled and need to be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks, in the freezer for up to 3 months (if you want to save some for a future week), or can be taken on the move at room temperature for up to 4 hours (just make sure they stay cool to the touch). Each is made fresh with organic ingredients, absolutely zero preservatives or additives, and are cold-pressed.

I also really (really) like that they taste like a smoothie that I’d make at home, that I would drink myself. These don’t taste like “baby food“, they just taste like a smoothie and are in the convenient form factor of a pouch, which little ones love!

That matters to me because I want the flexibility to use a product like this when I need the convenience, but also make homemade smoothies to share with my kids—and have my kids enjoy both options!

They’re also packaged in a convenient, on-the-go, BPA-free packaging and have a nice range of fresh, nutritious ingredients too.

toddler hand holding a little spoon smoothie

Why We Love Them

We are about to move halfway across the country in a few weeks, so life is starting to feel…messy and logistically complicated. I am looking for any and all shortcuts I can find and these Smoothies have been a really helpful snack option to have in the mix for my kids—especially when I don’t have the ingredients or the time to make a homemade smoothie.

I even already stuck a few in the freezer for the few days right before we move when I know our blender will be packed up, which is a nice backup option!

Also: They just taste really good and are delivered right to your door.

toddler lunch with little spoon smoothie

What should I serve these with?

We like these as a stand alone snack or paired with something simple like crackers or a snack bar if the kids are hungrier. I also love the idea of packing them with a lunch as the drink, especially if the kids need another option that’s easy to eat.

Above I have it packed with pesto pasta, raspberries, cucumbers, and shredded cheese for my two year old on a recent day that we needed to pack lunch when we were headed out of the house for the day. It was a really nice option to have in the mix!

Pack the Little Spoon Smoothie with an ice pack if packing for lunch and it should be a nice and cold temperature come lunchtime.

little spoon smoothies in fridge

Coupon Code for Little Spoon

My friends at Little Spoon have been so generous in offering a coupon for FIVE FREE SMOOTHIES to new customers. This is a perfect way to try them out to see which flavors your little ones love.

Use the code YUMMY5 now through December 31, 2012 to get your five free smoothies.

Best Tips for Using Little Spoon

  • Place them into the fridge or freezer when they arrive to keep them fresh.
  • Pack on their own as a snack or with something quick like whole grain crackers, a snack bar, or puffs.
  • Add one to a lunch or meal to round out the options and give the kids plenty to eat.
  • Serve to a baby on a spoon if you prefer.
  • Pop the cap back on and serve any leftover smoothie within 24 hours.
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I’d love to hear your feedback on Little Spoon if you’ve tried them, so please comment below to share!

Thank you to Little Spoon for sponsoring this post!


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