10 Best Toddler Bath Toys (All $10 or Less and So Durable!)

10 Best Toddler Bath Toys (All $10 or Less and So Durable!)


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Help the kids have more fun in the bathtub with the best of the best toddler bath toys. These are all super durable, super cheap, and super duper fun for the kiddos!


Toddler Bath Toys

Bath time is such a sweet time of the day and having a few fun and durable toys can make it even more fun! These are my top bath toys for babies and little kids, chosen with an eye towards durability, fun, and ease of cleaning. Pick one or a few and help the kids get clean while they play.

TIP: Each of these picks is under $10 unless noted, making them affordable options to consider too.


We LOVE this set since each has holes on the bottom, which are fun to drip out, and they’re pretty indestructible. (We also love to use these outside in our toddler pool!)


These little boats float, pour water, and hook together to make a little boat train. They also stack for easy storage (and more fun for the kids!). They’re great for babies and toddlers.


Made with safe BPA-free plastic, this super durable tugboat is one of our favorite tub toys. It floats and is super fun to zoom around above the water. (It’s often on sale, but may retail for closer to $15.)



Practice identifying numbers, letters, and colors with this fun bath toy set form Munchkin. Once wet, they each stick to the side of the tub or wall, making them fun for kids of all ages. (These are usually less than $5 for the set.)


This set of 8 BPA-free plastic squirters have an interesting texture for little hands (and mouths) to explore and feature some favorite sea creatures. (Be sure to squirt out all of the water after EVERY bath to be sure these don’t trap mildew and bacteria inside.)


I was always scared of using tub markers, but my mom had them once over a holiday and they were so fun AND came right off the tub. It was a totally novel experience for the kids so we pick up a set every once in a while now.

(These don’t last forever, but they are a nice option to have in the mix every so often.) These are priced at under $15.


With a reel that spins and three magnetic “fish” the kids can catch with the bobber, this fishing tub toy is a constant favorite in our house. It’s usually priced around $8, so it’s an affordable option too! (The water drains out of the reel, which is a handy feature.)


Okay, this bath toy is more expensive since it’s more involved, priced at around $40, but it’s a great one if you have kids who are into how things work and playing with water this way. My older kids LOVE this one!




Having a place to store your bath toys is key and can help keep them clean and in good working order. This stickable frog is so cute and comes off the wall to work as a scoop to quickly pick up all of the toys in one (or two) fell swoops. Priced at around $40.

Best Tips for Cleaning Bath Toys

As with anything that sits in water, bath toys can become moldy and super gross. Here are some tips to keep in mind to increase the lifespan of water toys.

  • Drain any water from the toys.
  • Squirt out as much water as possible from squirting toys to avoid water sitting inside of them.
  • Store cups and boats upside down to increase drainage.
  • Regularly run bath toys through the dishwasher to clean more thoroughly.
  • Regularly inspect bath toys for mold and clean or discard as needed.
  • Soak in vinegar and water once a month and scrub clean as needed.

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I’d love to hear your kids favorite bath toys if they have some that aren’t on my list. Please comment below to share and thanks in advance!

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