Best Kitchen Utensils and Tools for Little Kids



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Cooking with kids can be fun and a great learning experience for them and a few tools made for little hands can help make the process so much easier. These kitchen utensils for little kids are small in scale, but durable, affordable and so easy to use!


Kids Kitchen Utensils

I cook and bake with my kids very regularly, starting from the time that they’re toddlers, since it’s a fun way to be together and be productive. We have a few tools that we love to use to help make our experience a little easier.

These 5 tools hold up well through typical toddler wear and tear and are great additions to your kitchen (in addition to our favorite learning tower).

zig zag slicer for kids

Best Kitchen Utensils for Toddlers #1: Crinkle Cutter

This slicer is the best! It’s crazy durable and is easy for even little toddlers to use since they can use both hands/arms to press down. Montessori families love it since it’s good for slicing things like cucumbers, potatoes, bananas, strawberries, melon, kiwi, and any other soft-ish pieces of produce.

Stay nearby when it’s in use to help little fingers stay above the dull cutting surface. Under $10, good for kids 18 months and up

potato masher kitchen utensilBest Kitchen Utensils for Little Kids #2: Potato Masher

We use our potato masher to stir eggs and pancake batter, to mix muffins, and yes, to mash potatoes, sweet potatoes and avocado. It’s very sturdy and it actually works, which is a definitely plus over many kid-specific tools.

$12.99, good for kids 18 months and up

You totally could use your regular cutting board with your child, but I like having a separate small one because the scale works so well with little kids. And the small size is easy for the kids to get out from the drawer or cabinet all by themselves!

Under $40 for a set of two, good for kids 18 months and up

little kids pitcherBest Kitchen Tools for Toddlers #4: Mini Pitcher

This 16 ounce pitcher has a lid that stays on and is shatter-resistant, so it can survive inevitable falls. We use this for pouring liquids into batter and to let the girls pour their own water during meals.

Under $20, good for kids 18 months and up

kuhn-rikon-kids-knife-setBest Cooking Tools for Kids #5: Kids Knife Set

These little dog knives are lightweight and easy to hold, and they work well to cut soft foods like bananas, strawberries, melon, pancakes, and more. We use the scissors regularly so the girls can cut up their own noodles during dinner!

Under $40, good for kids 2 and up

These are great for stirring everything from batter to pasta to oatmeal. We also like to use them with kinetic sand!

$14.99, good for kids 18 months and up.

food-play-cover-imagesBest Toddler Cookbook: Food Play

My new cookbook for little kids is perfect for pairing with one of these cooking tools. The recipes are super straight forward, and are all no cook so that the kids can be safe and productive in the kitchen with you!

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Do you have a favorite kitchen utensil for kids? Please share below in the comments!

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