Favorite Chicken Recipes (to Share with the Kids!)

chicken recipes in grid of 6


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Find new (and easy!) ways to prepare chicken recipes for kids, from nuggets and meatballs to yummy Instant Pot and Slow Cooker options. (Bonus: Parents will enjoy them too!)

chicken recipes in grid of 6

Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a dinnertime staple and it’s so super versatile. It can also be a great texture for kids, and an easy way to offer up protein. To make it easier for you to find easy recipes, I put all of my chicken dishes together into this post.

This will make it easy for you to scroll through options to use the kind of chicken you have on hand, or to pick the preparation that your kids prefer.

Tips for Choosing a Chicken Recipe for Kids

When trying a new recipe, I would recommend taking the age of the kids into consideration—older babies and younger toddlers will find it easier to chew softer meats such as nuggets made with ground chicken and shredded chicken.

Older kids shouldn’t have any issues with chewing diced up breast or thighs, so you have more options the older the kids get.

Chicken thighs, either whole or in very thick finger-size pieces, can be a great option for Baby Led Weaning (they are high in iron and fat, which babies need). And they are often really moist and tender for any age.

Add a dip if your kids like to dip their food and remember that if a kiddo doesn’t like a certain kind of meat, first try to make sure that it’s easy to eat. And second, know that there’s no kiddo who likes every food. (The approach known as the Division of Responsibility can help with perspective on this.)

TIP: Learn more about healthy fats for kids and the nutrients they need in their weekly diets.

Easy Family Chicken Recipes

Each of these recipes is appropriate for a toddler, but should also be appealing to the entire family—kids and parents alike!

Easy Baked Chicken Nuggets (SO Crispy!)

These chicken nuggets have simple ingredients and a pleasantly crispy exterior. Aim to cut the chicken into similarly sized pieces so they bake evenly.

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Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders

To make these with panko breadcrumbs, use 1 cup and stir ¼ teaspoon salt into the flour before you dredge the chicken.

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crispy baked chicken tenders on white and blue plate
Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Potato

You can double this recipe to feed a family of 4-6. Or make this smaller batch and serve to your toddler throughout the week. Try serving these with ketchup, ranch, or marinara sauce.

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homemade chicken nuggets
4-Ingredient Baked Chicken Meatballs

Serve with Marinara sauce, Pesto, Cheese Sauce, or with a side of ketchup or any other favorite dip. We like to have these on hand to use an easy lunch component or have them with pasta.

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Easy Pan-Seared Chicken

Try these quick and easy chicken tenders for a kid-friendly weeknight protein paired with a grain and a veggie (or fruit!)

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healthy chicken tenders on kids platses with green beans and bread
Sweet Potato Chicken Bowls (Easy Meal Prep)

You can meal prep this recipe to have ready for future lunches or dinners to share with the kids or you can make it as a family dinner. Add flavor to your bowl with the optional ingredients.

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Easiest Instant Pot BBQ Chicken

You can double this recipe and use 2 pounds of chicken if desired. Just do your best to spread it into an even layer in the instant pot. (Note: The nutrition facts will vary based on the bbq sauce that you use.)

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Slow Cooker Chicken and Bean Tacos

The combination of vegetables listed below delivers really nice flavor and consistency to the sauce, but if you want to simplify, you can just use 2 of the options. This recipe was updated in September 2019 to add an Instant Pot option.

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family style slow cooker chicken tacos
Easy Instant Pot Butter Chicken

Forget takeout—deliver this popular Indian dish to your table instead. Shredded chicken thighs are coated in a rich, buttery sauce with hints of tomatoes, ginger, and garam masala—a messy but very flavorful finger food. Posted with Permission from The Multi-Cooker Baby Food Cookbook

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One-Pot Pesto Chicken and Brown Rice

Add some warmed frozen peas, whole grain toast, or a side of fruit to add a few simple sides if desired. This recipe was updated in September 2019 to ensure the rice cooks through.

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healthy chicken and brown rice on kids plate
Healthy Pasta Salad with Chicken

This works well anytime of the year, but the flavors are particularly great in summer

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healthy pasta salad in two bowls

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