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What are the best indoor activities for kids? This list has them all! Easy activities for ALL AGES that are perfect on a rainy day.


What are the best indoor activities for kids? This list has them all! Easy activities for ALL AGES that are perfect on a rainy day.

Easy indoor activities for kids to save your day

Inside: Easy indoor activities for kids from Busy Toddler

Some days, parenting doesn’t go so well. Some days, the kids aren’t meshing, someone is bouncing off the walls or trying to reattach their umbilical cord, or time is ticking backwards. That’s when I reach for an indoor activity to save the day.


These are hero activities to restore the peace

When I get into a parenting jam, I use activities to calm the see. Activities have this way of resetting the day or jump starting play.

They’re my secret weapon that I keep in my back pocket.

We don’t always have to turn on the TV when the going gets rough (although trust me, I do that too – here’s my screen time TEDtalk).

We don’t always have to be resigned to a rough day.

Activities have this magical way of fixing things.

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What are some good easy indoor activities for kids?

Well, good news. I’ve been working my whole parenting life on perfecting this list and I have it down to a science…

This list (we’re getting there) is my go-to, minimal supplies, limited prep, maximum fun list of activities for kids.

Since I’ve been building this list for years it spans:

  • Tabies
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Big Kids

Now, don’t yell at me. I DO NOT ADD AGES TO ACTIVITIES. I can’t stand that. Here’s why:

We cannot define kids solely based on their age. There are different ability levels. There are different taste levels. Heck, birth order can even play into this.

So instead of asking me “what age is this good for?” – look at the photo of the activity and think:

  • Would this be safe for my child?
  • Would this fit their personality?
  • Can I set this up super fast so even if they hate it, I’m not out a bunch of time? (wink)

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A simple supply list for all these indoor activities:

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The following few supplies (ones that you probably have one hand already) will take care of all the below activities:

The best and truly easy indoor activities to do with kids – in a hurry!!!

(and I mean that)

Fast. Easy. Fun. Limited supplies.

These are the hero activities that change everything in my house.

POURING STATION: Water + Kids = Problems solved.

BOX ROAD: Draw on top of a box QUICK. Move the wooden blocks and cars near it – wait for the magic.

INTRODUCE DOT STICKERS: Put a target on the wall and hand over the dot stickers.

PAINT TOYS: Plastic toys and washable paint are a match made in heaven. This activity ends with everyone in the tub so that’s like a double win.

ABC ERASE: Draw on the window with dry erase, call out letters, and let kids erase.

BABY DOLL BATH: Let your child practice their care giving skills – oh this is a sweet one!

BAKING SODA SCIENCE: Never underestimate the power of a box of baking soda and some food color-dyed vinegar…

POPSICLE BATH: The mood changer of all mood changers.

STICKER SORTING: Simple and effective. My daughter is 24 months old here and this was perfect entertainment back then.

STICKER LINES: A quick and easy fine motor skill activity; easy toddler activity; easy preschool activity; dot sticker activity; indoor activity; rainy day activity; fine motor activity from Busy Toddler

STICKER LINES: Here’s my daughter a few years later… lining up those stickers.

TRASH PAINT: Yup, dump out the recycling bin and add some paint. Kids love this.

(my kids are painting on top of a $5 shower curtain liner that’s washable)

CHEERIO DRAWER: Don’t laugh. This is an old trick from my mom. You know that drawer the baby won’t leave alone? Make safe and sprinkle in a favorite snack. So much entertainment.

KITCHEN SINK PLAY: Kiddo won’t leave the kitchen while you cook? Lean into it. Fill up the sink with colorful water and add options.

WASH THE TOYS: This can be done in a bin OR in the bathtub.

TAPE RESCUE: Tape down the toys – on a cookie sheet or a high chair.

LEGO BATH: Put the kids in the tub with ALL THE DUPLOS. This is epic.

COLORING MIXING: Grab some colors, tupperware, and peri bottles (no joke).

ANIMAL PARADE: Tape down some lines and add some tiny toys.

STICKY WALL: Have some con-tact paper? Tape it to the wall and let your kids figure out what sticks.

POM POM BATH: Baths really do fix everything. And the pom pom dry at the end (click to find out how).

PAINT TRUCKS: Remember what I said earlier about paint and toys? Here’s another example.

Sometimes all we need is a little reset.

Indoor activities for kids to the rescue. The next morning that time’s ticking backwards or you can’t figure out how to make it through the purgatory from naps to dinner…

Try an activity.

It’s the best reset button. It doesn’t need to take a lot of energy from you or supplies or time.

But it sure can make a world of difference.

What are the best indoor activities for kids? This list has them all! Easy activities for ALL AGES that are perfect on a rainy day.


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