Best Insulated Lunch Bags for Kids

skip hop lunch bag and stack of food containers


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Choosing a lunch bags for kids that will keep food cold, work well with a lunchbox, and be easy enough to open and carry is no small task. But I pulled together this list with my favorites to make it much easier for you to choose the best one for your kid’s lunch!

skip hop lunch bag and stack of food containersLunch Bags for Kids

When I pack lunches for school or daycare, I use a lunchbox and then put it into an insulated lunch bag with a thin ice pack. This way, the food is contained and it’s packed in a way that easily stays cold.

And it’s easy to carry from the classroom to the lunch room as needed.

Since you want the school lunch or toddler lunch to stay cool for a few hours until lunchtime, using an insulated lunch bag is a great option. That’s what I’ll mainly be focusing on here, though I do have a few reusable lunch bags that aren’t insulated at the bottom should you not need an insulated option.

so young lunch bags in grid of 4

We’ve had one of these eco-friendly (and easy to wipe clean) bags for years. It fits an Easy Lunchbox perfectly (with room for an ice pack) or an Omiebox. Or, you could do an Easy Lunchboxes Snack Box and a drink inside.

It has two handle options, comes in a wide range of cute designs, and is super durable.

Price: $30

TIP: You can remove the shoulder strap if the handle works better for your child. (That’s what we did.)

skip hop lunch bags in grid of 4

With the popular designs that every kid loves (my girls are fans of the ladybug and the owl, and I have the dog for the baby!), these insulated bags are easy to clean and to open and close.

They fit smaller lunch boxes like the Lunchbots Trio or the Easy Lunchboxes Snack Box, or a stack of smaller containers.

Price: $14.99

TIP: These are best for smaller lunch boxes or a smaller group of containers. (They won’t fit something like a Planetbox.)

pottery barn kids lunch bags in grid of 4Pottery Barn Kids Lunch Bags

So many moms swear by the vast selection of PB lunchboxes and I can see why. They come in 4 sizes, a crazy variety of designs, and they can be monogrammed with a child’s name.

Many have room for a drink, which can help kids keep track of their water bottles, and they have handy zipper pockets for storing silverware. Price:

Starting at $24.95

TIP: Check the size of the bag against the size of any lunchbox you plan to put inside—though any would work with smaller containers or sandwich lunches.


built ny lunch bags for kids

With super cute designs and easy-to-carry backpack straps, these lunch bags are a great option for packing small lunch boxes or separate components in smaller containers. They’re water resistant and easy to wipe clean.

Each has a top strap and a backpack strap for easy carrying. These fit smaller lunch boxes and thermos well.

Price: $16

TIP: This bag has a backpack-type strap, so would be a great choice for taking food to a playground/beach/trip/daycare, or for easily carrying to the cafeteria if school age.

omiebag in pink

We have two of these and use them often for family trips and also kids lunches. They are somehow both large enough for bigger lunchboxes but also compact—the roll down top is very handy.

These also wash easily.


Available in a handful of seriously cute prints, these fit the Bentgo Kids lunch boxes or smaller ones from other brands. It even has a mesh bottle slot on the side of the bag and an interior zipper compartment—which is so handy for holding silverware!

Price: $24.95

Top Rated Lunch Boxes

If you’re in need of a lunch box, check out my top lunchboxes for kids. I’ve tested a LOT of boxes over the years and find these to be the best for daycare lunches, toddler lunches, and school lunches. And my top kids thermos picks are here.

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I’d love to hear if you have a favorite lunch bag that didn’t make my list, so please share below in the comments!

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