Best Snack Containers (for Kids and Adults!)



Packing and serving snacks is about to get way easier with these durable, affordable, and easy-to-use snack containers for kids and adults, With options including stainless, stacking, divided, reusable bags and more, plus tips for the best less messy snacks to pack.


Snack Containers

I’m a big fan of having the right product for the job and having a stash of snack-size containers can make it easier to pack food to take on the go—whether for daycare, preschool, a road trip, or just a trip to the park.

These containers have been vetted by me in my real life and endorsed by my Instagram community. The ones I’ve included here were chosen for:

  • Durability.
  • Ease of use.
  • Affordability.
  • Usefulness beyond the toddler years

TIP: It’s important to me to recommend products that last and that we can use even as our kids grow, so the majority of these picks are great for babies and toddlers, yes, but also big kids and adults.

easy lunchboxes snack containers

Divided Snack Containers

If you’re needing a container to hold snacks for more than one child at a time, to hold more than one snack, or just a few different food groups, these are great options.

Easy Lunchboxes Snack Box

This is a perfectly-sized toddler lunch box and also a great snack container. I often use this if I’m packing snacks for my two younger kids, but I don’t want to have a bunch of separate containers. This option is affordable, sold in a set of four, and nests for easy storage.

Yumbox mini Snack Box in purple

Yumbox Mini Snack Box

My Instagram moms love this snack box as an easy option to pack and take on the go. It has trays that are removable for easy cleaning, a leak-proof seal, and a smaller size (the sections hold 3/4 cup, 1/3 cup, and dip) that’s ideal for snacking.

TIP: There are also some handy options from Sistema that might fit your snacking needs.

Bumkins Reusable Bags in teal

Favorite Reusable Bags

There have been a lot of new reusable bags on the market in the past few years and I have two favorites.

Bumkins Reusable Bags

These close with a zipper, so they’re easier for little kids, and they’re super easy to wash in the washing machine. They come in a few sizes too!


Stasher Snack Bags

We have a pile of these and I use them for food storage (in the fridge and freeze) and the smaller sizes are great for packing snacks. (The kids may need help opening and closing these.)

Kids Konserve nesting containers

Stainless Steel Snack Containers

Stainless containers have the benefit of being both incredibly durable and really easy to clean. They last forever—through multiple kids and as they grow—and are great for adult snacking needs too.

U Konserve Nesting Trio

This 3-set nesting trio is made of durable stainless steel and is an incredibly convenient option for packing snacks (and lunches).


Eco Lunchbox Storage Container

I have a set of these and I love them for storage since they are super easy to clean and last forever. The 1 cup (8 ounce size) is great for little kids snacks.


Stacking Snack Containers

This type of container allows you to pack a lot of snacks while keeping them contained in your bag—which is a giant win.

Replay Recycled Snack Stacker

I’ve had this set for over four years and it’s incredibly durable, easy to use, and leak-proof (when closed tightly). They’re super convenient for packing snacks for travel days. These attach very securely.


Beaba Clip Containers

This might be one of the most used storage products I’ve had in my kitchen over the past 5 years. We use these containers for everything—and the two sizes in this set (which are 4 and 2 ounces) are perfectly toddler sized. (And great for big kids too.)

Whiskware Snack Container in unicorn

Whiskware Stackable Snack Pack

This three pack holds together easily and includes cups that hold 1/3 cup, and 1 cups. They also come in a few really fun designs. Kids love these!

Munchkin Snack Cups in blue and green

Toddler Snack Containers

This category includes containers with lids that help prevent messes, but allow little hands to get inside. I view these as more temporary purchases—since you won’t need them forever—but they can be helpful for the toddler years.

Munchkin Snack Cup

This classic toddler snack container is handy for dry cereal and puffs and helps to contain any potential mess. It won’t be used forever, but it’s a good option for the 1-4 year old years!

Munchie Mug Snack cup in teal

Munchie Mug No-Spill Snack Cup

This toddler snack cup has a fabric lid that the kids can easily slide their hands into to get to their snack. Families LOVE this product! There’s also an airtight lid that can be switched in, and the product is made in California from all US sourced materials. (BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free. FDA food-grade compliant materials.)

Best Snack Containers for Adults

In our house, we share snack containers, but I have a few favorites for myself and my husband.

From the options above, we regularly use:

  • Stasher bags
  • Bumkin bags
  • Eco Lunchbox Stainless Containers

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Favorite Snacks for On-the-Go

Here are some of my favorite less messy snacks for kids. I can’t guarantee zero mess, but these are nice options to have in the mix!

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I’d love to hear your feedback on this post, especially if I missed one of your favorite storage containers!


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