Easy Easter Recipes to Share with the Kids

Easy Easter Recipes to Share with the Kids


Save these easy Easter recipes to share with the kids—and the Easter Bunny—this spring! From Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes and Raspberry Donuts to the best Carrot Cake Muffins and Oatmeal Carrot Cookies, these recipes are great for Easter brunch or a special springtime snack.


Easy Easter Recipes

Come spring, I’m ready to break out all of the bright and sunny recipes to share with the kids. And since the Easter Bunny loves carrots, I use them a lot in my recipes at this time of the year because it’s just fun! I’ve put together my favorite recipes to make around and on Easter, including ones that work well for brunch, breakfast, snack, and dessert.

Scroll down to see my favorites and click on each recipe to see the full info on each specific recipe.


Raspberry Lemon Baked Donuts

With simple ingredients and fresh flavors, these Raspberry Lemon Baked Doughnuts are a fun breakfast for a holiday…or any day. They’re easy to stir together and have the brightest fruit flavor! (I love these for Mother’s Day too.)

mini ricotta cheesecakes with lemon

Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes

With just a few simple ingredients and freshness from orange and lemon rind, these Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes are the best. We love them for Easter—we actually eat them for breakfast in my family! Plus: You simply stir the batter together, no fancy equipment needed!

mini carrot cake muffins in bowl with toddler hands

Mini Carrot Muffins

Packed with carrots, whole grains, and protein, these Carrot Cake Muffins are a delicious way to start the day. They mix up in one bowl, can be made ahead, and are delicious for a snack or breakfast. Plus: You can be eating them in about 25 minutes from when you start! (There are lots of variations for adjusting these for food allergies too.)

bacon egg and cheese cups in bowl with strawberries

Bacon and Egg Cups

This muffin tin Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Muffin recipe is a perfect brunch dish, especially when you have little ones underfoot. You can make the egg muffin recipe ahead of time and simply reheat when ready to serve and they’ll taste like they’re fresh from the oven.


Healthy Oatmeal Cookies with Carrots

With natural sweetness from apple, carrots, and raisins, these Healthy Oatmeal Cookies are a yummy treat that you’ll love to share with the kids. And they’re a one-bowl dessert that’s a super fun way to serve up produce too. (We like to leave these out for the Easter Bunny!)


Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Make the easiest Carrot Cake Oatmeal and serve up a dose of veggies for breakfast in a kid-friendly form everyone will love! This is such a great way to start the day with a nutritious breakfast packed with fruits and veggies. It would be so good with fresh spring carrots too.

Carrot Pancakes

Like carrot cake, only in pancake form, this is a fun breakfast to make for the family. They’re a great option for babies eating finger foods on up to us adults!


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