20 Healthy Broccoli Recipes (Kids Will Actually Want to Eat!)

20 Healthy Broccoli Recipes (Kids Will Actually Want to Eat!)


Try these easy, kid-friendly broccoli recipes to help the kids learn to love the veggie—in all sorts of easy recipes! From Broccoli Pesto, Roasted Broccoli, and Broccoli Cheddar Soup, to the best Veggie Muffins, these recipes have you covered!

broccoli-recipes-featuredHealthy Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli seems to be one of those foods that we all want to feed to our kids, but they don’t always want to eat. These healthy broccoli recipes will give you some options of ways to serve broccoli up to your toddlers and older kids that have a strong chance of actually being eaten!

TIP: These ideas have options to include fresh and frozen broccoli according to what you have on hand.

Quick & Easy Broccoli Recipes

There’s nothing too complicated about these broccoli recipes since I know that you are probably just like me—busy and unwilling to spend too much time on a recipe for the kids that they might not eat. I love the sound of all of these recipes for the entire family, so even if your kiddo is still adjusting to the idea of a certain type of broccoli, everyone else at the table can enjoy them in the meantime!

Healthy Broccoli Recipes for Kids

These broccoli recipes are flavorful, yummy, and yet not too crunchy or spicy. I chose them with little kids in mind and aimed to include a range of flavors and texture options so you can pick the ones that seem like they’d be the most appealing to your child.

three white bowls of broccoli pastaHow can I get my kids to actually eat the broccoli?

Here are some tips to help kids love broccoli.

  • Serve small portions.
    This is my advice for feeding kids in general but the smaller the portion, the less likelihood that they’ll be overwhelmed by the food. And it means less food waste if they decide not to eat it.
  • Make sure it tastes good to YOU.
    One of the reasons that kids don’t always love the veggies we serve them is that they’re too bland. So I suggest taking a bite yourself and seeing if you like it. If not? Add more sauce/seasoning/etc to amp up the yummy factor!
  • Let the kids share their opinions.
    Not every new recipe you feed your child is going to fly, so try not to push too hard and give the kids (as they are able) the chance to voice their opinions about the food. They may be able to tell you what we can do to make it yummier—maybe they need a sauce or to have the pieces cut smaller!
  • Be patient.
    I don’t like to quote the stats on how many exposures it takes kids to accept new foods since they sound sooooo daunting, but know this: It takes time for kids to see foods as familiar, so if there’s anything (like broccoli!) that you really want them to eat, you need to include it in family meals regularly. Not everyday, but often enough that they know what it is and start to develop a flavor memory so they can anticipate what it will taste like. This is the best way to help new foods not be scary!

Cheese sauce makes everything better—and this one happens to have cauliflower right in the mix! This is an easy recipe to serve with steamed broccoli. (See the recipe at the bottom for the Steamed Broccoli recipe!)

Trade in finely chopped, thawed frozen broccoli for the spinach in this recipe and you’ll have a kid-friendly meal ready to go.

Roasted broccoli was one of the veggies at our first daycare that all of the kids loved. It’s slightly sweet and is super easy to make—definitely try this out if you haven’t yet!

Butter and garlic are two of my favorite flavors to combine with broccoli—and this healthy broccoli recipe is quick and easy!

Tuck a serving of broccoli into a homemade pizza pocket for a complete meal that you can make ahead and warm on busy nights. No need to make a separate veggie (unless you want to!).

Oh, now this is a healthy comfort food idea. I love the idea of making a batch of roasted sweet potatoes and filling them with the good stuff, including broccoli and cheese. You could even set out the fillings and let the kids top their potatoes themselves.

This is hands-down one of our favorite cold weather soups. It’s got all of the flavor of broccoli cheese soup with a hit of split peas for protein. So good, and good for you.

I feel like the name of this recipe says it all—but think of these little dippable patties as a finger food that just might make broccoli fun for the kids to eat.

Savory waffles? I love this idea! What a fun dish to serve for family dinner.

Make a batch of broccoli tots that are healthier than the freezer aisle with this delicious homemade broccoli tots recipe.

Incorporate broccoli right into the foundation of your next pizza with this veggie-packed recipe. It’s a fun way to change up pizza night!

With broccoli and carrots in the mix, these savory muffins are a great lunch option for kids. (And also yourself paired with something like soup!)

Toss broccoli with flavorful Italian sausage, pasta, and Parmesan cheese for a skillet dinner that’s (almost) sure to please.

Blend broccoli right into this easy pesto recipe, toss it with pasta, and a delicious toddler meal is ready! It’s also a great one to make ahead and freeze for future meals.

This recipe is one that I fed to my girls a lot when they were little since everything goes into one pot and it’s super easy for little kids to eat. You can top your adult serving with some crushed red pepper flakes or a strong cheese for added flavor.

These are great to make-ahead and super soft for the kiddos to chew.

Make eggs into a fun finger food and tuck in a healthy serving of broccoli all at the same time. These would be a great make-ahead breakfast (or lunch) option.


Broccoli or peas work in this satisfying dinner recipe—so quick and delicious!

This has vegetarian protein and lots of creaminess…in a dish that the whole family can enjoy.

Asian flavors pair so well with broccoli and this easy recipe is a family dinner that packs protein and healthy broccoli!

What’s your favorite way to serve broccoli? I’d love to hear in the comments, so please chime in below!



20 Healthy Broccoli Recipes for Kids


This is my go-to recipe for easy Steamed Broccoli. You can find links to the rest of the recipes in the Notes for easy referencing.


  1. Fill a medium pot with 2 inches of water and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat.
  2. Add a steamer basket filled with broccoli and cover. Cook for 8-10 minutes or until the broccoli is bright green and tender when poked with a paring knife.
  3. Use a spoon to transfer the broccoli to a bowl and toss with butter or olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
  4. Serve with Cheese Sauce if desired.


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