31 Easy Winter Dinner Ideas for December (Picky-Eater Approved!)

31 Easy Winter Dinner Ideas for December (Picky-Eater Approved!)


As we head into one of the busier months of the year, I hope these easy winter dinner ideas help you feed your family well. You’ll find quick dinners, make-ahead meals, freezer meals, and 4 weeks of dinners designed to feed your entire family!

winter meals in grid of 6

Winter Dinner Ideas

As with all of my other meals plans, each dinner here can be customized as needed for your family. I usually add simple sides to round out any dinner and to ensure that my kids always have something on the table that they like—even if that’s a side dish of fruit or a veggie. Feel free to simplify as needed since I am sure you have a lot going on!


Free Meal Planning Rotation

You can download a copy of the free Meal Planning Rotation. I do my meal plans using the idea of a rotation where you use general categories every other week to reduce decision fatigue and also give the kids a chance to see foods regularly to help them learn to like the. Above here is our rough meal plan for this month.

Yes, really, THIS IS IT. I have two options for breakfast and dinner that we can choose from—I usually alternate each week—then a set rotation of lunch ideas. This allows me to the number of decisions I need to make since I’m starting with narrow categories, but still have flexibility, variety, and spontaneity with all of the choices available within a category.

TIP: Download the printable in my Resource Library.

december-week-1December Week 1

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch & Snack Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Add simple sides of fruit, cheese, crackers or muffins to round out any of these easy winter dinner ideas.

december-week-2December Week 2

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch & Snack Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Make a double batch of the meatballs and stash them in the freezer for a future easy meal.

december-week-3December Week 3

Breakfast Ideas

Lunch & Snack Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Use the leftover black bean soup as taco filling for an easy lunch, or as enchilada filling for another easy winter dinner idea.

december-week-4December Week 4


Lunch & Snacks

Since each family has its own unique traditions, I don’t expect to tell you what to have for Christmas, but these meals is what my family likes to have in case if gives you some ideas!

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I’d love to hear if there’s a recipe you’re especially excited to cook this winter so please comment below to share!


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