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15+ thanksgiving printables for the kid's table: image shows 8 printables for Thanksgiving.

What Thanksgiving printables should you have for the kid’s table? This list is made of 15+ free printables to keep kids busy at Thanksgiving. From coloring pages to I-Spy to “Would you rather…”, these Thanksgiving games for kids are perfect for all ages.

15+ thanksgiving printables for the kid's table: image shows 8 printables for Thanksgiving.

What are the best free Thanksgiving printables?

Thanksgiving is a long day for kids. And not the most glamorous of holidays.

I said what I said.

The concept is a little confusing: understanding being thankful is an advanced concepts.

The meal is a little odd: it’s a lot of new flavors for kids all at once.

The day has little for kids: there’s no “Thanksgiving candy” or “Thanksgiving gifts” to pin their excitement to.

Thanksgiving can be a little odd for kids, which is why it’s important to have some Thanksgiving activities for kids or free Thanksgiving printables for kids to enjoy.

Putting a few free Thanksgiving games or activities around the house can be a big mood lifter and fun addition for kids.

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What kind of Thanksgiving printables are there?

I can’t stand a list that overlaps so this Thanksgiving games list was created with that in mind.

I tried to stick with one from each of the major Thanksgiving printables categories so you’d have plenty to choose from AND make sure to span a wide range of kids ages (from toddlers to tweens).

This list has:

  • Placemats to color
  • I-Spy
  • Memory
  • Word scrambles
  • Scavengar hunt

Just to name a few: there are so many more ideas on this list.

Thanksgiving Coloring Banner

Although they are not free, don’t over look the famous 10 foot long “Friends Art Lab” banners. These sell from a small women-owned and operated business, but they ship fast.

The best (free) Thanksgiving printables for kids

In no particular order, please enjoy these 15+ free options for kids at Thanksgiving. Remember, kids may need a little extra help at these large holidays and big events.

While it may seem so simple, having a few free activities for kids to play with on Thanksgiving can be a huge support to them (and it doesn’t need to cost you a thing. What a win.

Create Your Own Placemats

Four Thanksgiving printables that are totally free. Print these out and line the kids table: it’ll be a winner.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

We love a word scramble. This is a great option for school-aged kids sitting – it’s always nice to remember that big kids get bored at holidays too.

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Toss this adorable free memory game onto the kid’s table: it’s an easy way to keep them quietly occupied at dinner.

Thanksgiving I-Spy

Love this free I-Spy printable. It’s so perfect for big kids and little kids to do separately or together. I’m always a fan of a good “multi-age” moment.

Would You Rather Game

“Would You Rather…” is the hot game for kids right now. It’s a great idea to toss these onto the Thanksgiving table. Big kids can read them to little kids and include them in the fun conversations.

Pumpkin Pie Number Match

Absolutely adorable little printable for kids who love their numbers. This free matching activity will keep little hands busy.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? What a great idea to put some scavenger hunt printables out for kids to do during the long meal.

Pin the Tail on the Turkey Game

My kids are obsessed with “pin the tail” games. This classic game just never gets old – definitely think about it for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Color By Number

Such a crowd pleaser: bless the inventor of color by numbers. They knocked it out of the ball park. This Thanksgiving themed set (download for free) is fantastic for all kid ages.

Roll a Turkey

It’s a game and an activity and a great way to keep kids busy at Thanksgiving. Roll a turkey is a nice add to the kids area.

Turkey in Disguise Activity

I started doing the “turkey in disguise” activity way back in 2007 and it’s still so much fun to me. This is an easy way to bring a traditionally school-based activity home for the holidays.

Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe

Who doesn’t love Tic-Tac-Toe? Print out this version of the game to inspire even more tick-tac-toe play on Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Conversation Starter

What a fun idea to get the Thanksgiving conversations started! This could work at the kids table or the adult one.

Thanksgiving Jokes

Get the kids laughing at Thanksgiving with this free list of 81 Thanksgiving-themed jokes. My kids will love this free list.

Thanksgiving Bingo

I love BINGO. I will absolutely move to the kid table just to be able to play BINGO with other people who love that game.

Coloring Thanksgiving Shapes

Coloring keeps kids quiet, busy, and focused on Thanksgiving: it’s kind of the perfect activity and this simple sheet is absolute perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to have activities for kids at Thanksgiving?

No….but… stop for a second and reflect on Thanksgiving in your childhood. How did it go? Was it magical? Mine wasn’t great. It felt long, boring, lots of excitement, people I didn’t know well, and it could be really overwhelming. I would have a loved if the hosts had put out some coloring pages for kids like me. So that’s why I made this list: kids need a break on Thanksgiving and help sitting through the event. These printables can do that.

What ages are these Thanksgiving printables best for?

These are wide range activities, depending on the kids. Some might work for as young as 2-3 year olds, but all will work for ages 4-12. Yes, big kids need something to do, too.

What’s the best Thanksgiving activity for kids?

I’m partial to my turkey tape resist art, but my kids would tell you it’s the Friends Art Lab banner. I know it’s not a free printable, but it’s well worth it to get one for Thanksgiving.

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