Season 5 Podcast: Child Development Milestones

Revisiting ‘In the Heat of a Meltdown’


In the fifth season of the podcast, our cohosts, Lori and Mackenzie, explore research and reality of parenting children at each age and stage of child development. On this page, you’ll find an outline of the season’s content and a brief description of each episode.

S5: Ep. 1 – Parenting in Stages
Whether you’re a new parent or in the middle of the teenage years, discover insights into their specific stage and what to expect next. Our new season covers the milestones from pre-child planning to early adulthood.

S5: Ep. 2 – Oh, Baby!
To some, babies and infants are the most challenging stages in parenting. Learn to embrace all the growth in this first year with our advice for developing a strong parent-child connection.

S5: Ep. 3 – Toddlers
The toddler years will be a ride! Tap into your child’s curiosity by rediscovering common experiences your child will find magic—like a bus ride.

S5: Ep. 4 – Preschoolers
Embrace your preschooler’s growing confidence by giving them some responsibilities—like putting away toys and pulling on their own socks.

S5: Ep. 5 – School-agers
For school-age kids, learning is more than math and reading. Help make your child well-rounded by finding time for play, sports, and new challenges outside of school.

S5: Ep. 6 – Preteens
As your child grows into a preteen, help ease the transition with an honest, direct approach. Learn how to embrace this ultimate transition period.

S5: Ep. 7 – Teens
Though they make look like adults, teens are still developing in all areas. Be a positive role model and keep the communication flowing as they keep growing up.

S5: Ep. 8 – Emerging Adults
As your child-parent relationship grows up, learn how to co-exist with your young adult.

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Parent to a little one with her own quirks. Celebrator of the concept of raising kids “from scratch”. Learner and lover of the parent-child relationship. Translator of research with a dose of reality. Certified Family Life Educator.

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