Best Kids Watering Cans for Water Play and Gardening



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Getting the kids to help in the garden can be a fun activity and a great way for them to be exposed to food in a low pressure way. Plus, watering and water play are some of the best toddler activities! Here are my picks for the best watering cans for kids (so you don’t waste your money on one that will break).


Kid Watering Cans

My husband is an avid gardener and we spend a lot of time in the yard near our garden beds each spring, summer, and fall. Which means that my kids have always seen him using a watering can and have always insisted on getting in on the action.

We’ve had a lot of kids watering cans over the years and many haven’t held up well, so I wanted to share my favorite ones in case you’re in the market for one this year.

The ones here have been tested to ensure they are:

  • Easy for a toddler to carry.
  • Easy for a toddler to pour.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.

I can’t guarantee that something unexpected won’t happen with these to cause damage, but we’ve had great success in using them for a few seasons.


This sweet and small watering can is lightweight, has a fun design, and is easy to carry. I like that the water spout isn’t pointing downward to help avoid spilling the water before the kiddo gets to the plot they’re trying to water.

It’s usually priced at right around $14.


With a small size great for one and two year olds, this happy little watering can is a great garden toy to have on hand. It works for actual watering and water play and may be the perfect thing for your kiddo to endlessly fill and pour out in a baby pool!

I also love this one because the small size makes it easier to pour and use for little hands who don’t have the arm strength to carry a lot of water at once.


This watering can is on my birthday list for my three year old this year since her favorite color is red and she really wants to help in the garden. I like that it’s no frills, is a nice shape to help avoid spills, and is small enough that it won’t be too heavy for her to easily pour on her own.

(This seems to come in and out of stock regularly.)


With an anti-rust coating and three color options, this classic kids watering can is durable and easy to use. It’s a little more expensive with a price around $25, but it may last longer.

Plus it’s nice looking and may coordinate with your outdoor decor (if you care about such things!).

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Kids Watering Cans

  • Try to empty it most of the time before storing and bring it inside (or at least into the garage) between uses.
  • Store it in the garage or shed during off seasons to avoid it being out in super cold temperatures or getting caked with rain and mud.
  • If the kids use it for gathering leaves or sticks, wash it out after they’re done.

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